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Why LASIK Could Help During A Zombie Apocalypse

How would you fare in a zombie apocalypse scenario? It may seem like a silly thing to imagine, but let’s be honest: most of us have thought about it at least once. Most of us would also like to think we’d be amongst the survivors. Few people like to think they’d end up as one… Read More

4 Things You Should Know Before Getting LASIK

LASIK is more popular than ever. It isn’t surprising considering the success rate of LASIK surgery. Advanced technology has made LASIK even more effective and safe than it’s been in the past. So many different places all over the country now offer LASIK, making it much more accessible, too. If you’re considering LASIK, great! LASIK… Read More

When To See A Cornea Specialist

What is a cornea specialist? And what role do they play in laser vision correction procedures like LASIK? The answer lies in the importance of the cornea for general eye health. It also lies in the central role the cornea plays in LASIK. Read on to learn more! Cornea Specialists and LASIK Surgery A cornea… Read More

Do I Have Presbyopia?

As we get older, our eyesight tends to suffer. Since aging is a slow process, so is the gradual loss of sight. This can make visual problems harder to identify until they become severe. But if you’re a certain age and struggle more with certain tasks than you used to, you could have presbyopia. Presbyopia… Read More

Dealing With Dry Eye After LASIK

Chronic dry eye is a particularly bothersome condition. Many people have it, some without even knowing. The condition is the result of inadequate tear production, and symptoms can be mild or severe. They can range from a slight burning sensation to extreme irritation. If you have issues with dry eye, often these issues are made… Read More

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