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4 Reasons LASIK Could Make You Safer

Considering LASIK? Great! LASIK surgery is one of the most popular elective medical procedures you can get. It’s low-risk and effective, with the majority of patients achieving clear vision. Doing away with contacts and glasses is a big convenience. LASIK actually provides more than that. Having LASIK can make you safer, and for a few… Read More

Will I Need Glasses After LASIK?

If you’ve lived most of your life relying on glasses or contacts to see, laser eye surgery may sound like a dream come true. For many, many people, it is. LASIK can reduce your dependency on glasses or other visual aids. But will LASIK completely eliminate the need for glasses altogether? It can, but there… Read More

5 Tips After Having LASIK

Getting LASIK is an exciting time. One of the best parts about LASIK is the fact you see results almost immediately after surgery. It’s true that your vision will only continue to improve in the months after LASIK. But the great thing is that most patients are able to see far better in the hours… Read More

Can You Be Too Old For LASIK?

As you get older, surgery becomes riskier than it was when you were younger. Many older people avoid even minor procedures because they think they aren’t recommended. But some elective surgeries don’t have an upper age limit. One of these elective procedures is LASIK. Even patients in their eighties have had successful LASIK surgery! But… Read More

3 Reasons Why LASIK Is A Good Investment

LASIK isn’t cheap and it shouldn’t be! You want a good surgeon who will give you a safe and effective procedure. Talented, experienced surgeons can be a little more expensive. What many people don’t realize is LASIK can save you money over time. Consider how much you pay for glasses and contacts already. When you… Read More