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Roseville / Sacramento Office

Roseville / Sacramento Office

700 Sunrise Ave, Suite #A
Roseville, CA 95661
(510) 525-2600

Roseville Carnosidad & Dry Eye  

Our staff has provided LASIK, carnosidad, cosmetics, and general eye care services to patients in the Roseville area for over 33 years. The doctors at Ellis Eye & Laser Medical Center specialize in a patient-focused standard of care, dedicated to the comfort and successful recovery of every single patient served.

Utilizing the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment in the ophthalmology industry, the team at Ellis Eye prides itself on the commitment to community involvement and service. Having served patients in the Roseville area for so long, our doctors have both a personal and professional devotion to our patients’ success.

Learn more about the specialized services offered at the Ellis Eye & Laser Medical Center’s Roseville location. Request an appointment with the Ellis Eye team today, and take the next step toward clear and crisp vision.

Roseville LASIK & Cataract Surgery

LASIK – We give our patients throughout the Roseville area only the best LASIK services. We not only make sure you get the best procedure, but we also help you throughout the whole LASIK process. 

Cosmetics Dr. Ellis is not only an expert ophthalmologist and eye surgeon, but he also performs cosmetic and skin rejuvenation procedures in the Roseville area. Learn more today!

Eye Exams – With our comprehensive eye care services, we make sure you get the right treatment for your condition. We offer you basic eye exams to advanced cataracts and LASIK eye surgery procedures throughout Roseville and beyond.