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Flex Spending Offer

  • DEPENDABLE care for your vision needs
  • AFFORDABLE quality LASIK *financing available
  • EXPERIENCE you can trust…Fees you can truly afford
  • SKILLED hands of our expert ophthalmologists
  • STATE-OF-THE-ART lasers and technology
  • SAFE CUSTOMIZED LASIK for your unique vision
  • ELLIS EYE…Turning Dreams of Affordable LASIK into Reality
  • TRUST your eyes to our knowledgeable team


Now is a great time to generate interest in Flex Spending Accounts. Patients must determine their candidacy before their company’s Flex Spending Account* deadline (which usually starts January 1st, however, they should check with their respective HR), so now is the time to bring patients in for a complimentary consultation.

Flex spending is a great opportunity to help our patients save money.

  • You’ll be assigned a Flex Spending Account “guru” in the office to educate you on the benefits of FSA’s
  • Do you participate in FSA’s? You may not be aware and will give them the opportunity to do your research and check with your employer
  • We have added Flex Spending Account information to our website and social media pages

Tip: Since our practice requires patients to pay on the day of surgery (and it may take 2-3 weeks to get reimbursed), stress using patient financing (0% for 18-24 months) to pay while waiting for their reimbursement check.


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