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Cost of LASIK and Refractive Surgery

LASIK and Refractive SurgeryEXPERIENCED

At Ellis Eye and Laser Medical Center, we pride ourselves on offering the highest and most technologically advanced LASIK at the lowest price obtainable.

Because Dr. William Ellis was one of the first ophthalmologists in California to perform LASIK, and because LASIK is our specialty, we can offer the very best pricing available (check out our current LASIK offers here!) We can do this because we own and service all of our own refractive, excimer lasers.

The excimer laser contains a sensitive array of mirrors and focusing lenses. Any jarring can seriously detune the laser performance and have a negative effect on the optical system of the laser resulting in a poor or even botched surgery.

The advantage of doing this not only saves large costs in laser service but helps to ensure the very best performance from each machine. Most laser companies visit their doctors only once every 3 to 6 months. Thus an unrecognized fault can lead to poor surgical outcomes, and the average ophthalmologist will not have the foggiest reason why.

This is because most eye surgeons have no background in laser design or engineering. When they purchase their machine they get a quick one-day course on how to push the buttons. If something goes wrong with this highly complex device and the service technician has not come, chances are they may not have any idea of what is going on.


Thirdly, Ellis Eye performs all of their postoperative care. This assures the most caring and dedicated approach to each patient. It is not like this at all practices where a scheme is known as “co-management” may masquerade as a disguised form of fee-splitting.

The surgeon gets away with this by telling the patient that the referring optometrist will co-manage the care of the patient and perform the postoperative care. In reality, such arrangements are often veiled kickbacks since the postoperative visits are done for both eyes at the same time and if priced as regular office visits would never be worth more than $200 to $300.

We never do this at Ellis Eye. We take pride in performing all post-operative care personally and at great cost savings to you.

Lastly, because Ellis Eye specializes in refractive surgical procedures, we have a variety of lasers and procedures to choose from. For low amounts of nearsightedness, the Nidek EC 5000 laser may provide quality surgery at a very affordable price.

Other lasers on the market charge the surgeon as much as $250 per eye procedure fee (for patent licenses held by the laser manufacturer, and this, of course, must be passed on to the patient.


At Ellis Eye, you will receive the very best pricing, and surgery delivered with the highest and most skilled level of care. Of course, not all procedures are priced the same. It depends on the laser used and the type of surgery done. Even our most costly surgery, EpiLasik with Zyoptix Custom Wavefront ablation, will usually be priced significantly lower than at other laser centers.

And we have some of the best financing available for those who would like to have their vision corrected now and delay the cost over a period of time. Remember, life is short. Don’t let the cost of laser surgery continue to be an obstacle to your full and total enjoyment of life.

Ski, play tennis, golf, and swim without the annoyance of spectacles and contact lenses. See our web page for our affordable financing plans through Care Credit and Care Credit Plus. Our Lasik counselors will be happy to get you preapproved, even before your initial evaluation.