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Can You Be Too Old For LASIK?

As you get older, surgery becomes riskier than it was when you were younger. Many older people avoid even minor procedures because they think they aren’t recommended. But some elective surgeries don’t have an upper age limit. One of these elective procedures is LASIK. Even patients in their eighties have had successful LASIK surgery! But… Read More

3 Reasons Why LASIK Is A Good Investment

LASIK isn’t cheap and it shouldn’t be! You want a good surgeon who will give you a safe and effective procedure. Talented, experienced surgeons can be a little more expensive. What many people don’t realize is LASIK can save you money over time. Consider how much you pay for glasses and contacts already. When you… Read More

5 Tips For Preparing Before LASIK

So you’ve decided to get LASIK after finding out you’re a LASIK candidate. Congratulations! You’re on your way to having better vision and never having to worry about glasses or contacts again. But getting any kind of surgery, no matter how minor, can make anyone a little nervous. One of the best ways to fight… Read More

Can I Have Dry Eye And Get LASIK?

Most people qualify for LASIK. Only about 15% get screened out, usually for reasons beyond their control. It’s dangerous to have LASIK if your corneas aren’t thick enough or your pupils are too big. You should also have eyes that are in good health. But that doesn’t always mean you can’t get LASIK if you… Read More

4 Tips For Affording LASIK This Holiday Season

Finding presents for your friends and family for the holidays can be stressful. But what about getting something for yourself? The holidays can be a good time to get LASIK surgery, or at least start thinking about where and when you want to have it. But LASIK can be pricey, at least up-front. Never fear!… Read More

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