5 Questions to Ask Your Ophthalmologist at Your Next Eye Exam

Eye exams are an essential part of keeping your vision healthy. During a comprehensive eye exam, your eyes are tested thoroughly to discovery any current issues, as well as any future issues you may be at risk for. You will also have a chance to learn more about your vision and how to keep it… Read More

Is LASIK Worth It?

LASIK has been the vision correction procedure of choice for many people for many years. Even though the surgery is incredibly popular, many people still have concerns about the safety, the cost, and the results.  The LASIK procedure has an exceptionally high satisfaction and success rating. People that have had LASIK surgery almost always agree… Read More

When Was the Last Time You Saw Your Eye Doctor?

There are a lot of things you can do to maintain the health of your eyes on your own. Getting advice from a professional is something you can’t replace, though.  Regular eye appointments are essential for the health of your eyes and your vision. Skilled eye doctors can spot problems before they cause vision damage… Read More

Tired of Glasses? Why Not Consider LASIK Instead?

Anyone that wears glasses can tell you that they can be a burdensome necessity. Although glasses work appropriately for correcting your vision, they can be very limiting.  When you need glasses to see, damaging or losing your visual aids is a constant concern. If your vision requires a strong prescription, you might not be able… Read More

6 Signs that You May Benefit From Botox

Botox is a fantastic product. You have likely heard about it or may have even seen results in your friends or family.  It is a simple procedure that can yield strong, yet subtle and natural results. Botox is a fantastic option with benefits that are hard to beat if you are looking for a way… Read More