What to Expect Before, During, and After Pterygium Surgery

A pterygium is a benign tissue growth that usually starts out in the corner of the eye and can expand over the cornea. It is often referred to as “surfer’s eye” because it usually occurs in individuals who live in sunny climates and spend a lot of time outdoors. Surfers are at higher risk because… Read More

The Best Ways to Treat Pterygium

If you are someone who regularly spends a lot of time outdoors, you are probably already familiar with a pterygium. Or you may be more comfortable with its nickname of “surfer’s eye.” A pterygium affects surfers, athletes, and individuals of all ages who spend long periods time in the sun. Surfers are at higher risk… Read More

5 Common Questions About LASIK Recovery

LASIK is one of the most common and safe procedures you can have but most people still have a number of questions. The most frequent questions we have encountered usually concern the length of the recovery time. Fortunately, the recovery time from LASIK is usually quite short and most patients begin feeling better right away…. Read More

Who Is a Good Candidate for LASIK Surgery?

Many people will consider having LASIK but unfortunately, the majority will not take the plunge and actually get the surgery. While most people would like to ditch their glasses or contacts, a large percentage of people just won’t do anything about it. If you have been considering LASIK surgery, there are several steps you can… Read More

How Better Self-Care Habits Can Improve Eye Health

It’s almost the New Year, which means many people are writing out their resolutions and looking forward to positive changes in 2018. And for many people, that includes taking better care of their health. And did you know that by incorporating better self-care habits into your daily routine you can actually improve the health of… Read More

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