What Causes Pterygium?

Sunlight is essential to staying healthy, but it can also create some strange issues. It is notorious for causing awful conditions like skin cancer, and it can also damage your eyes. Excessive exposure to sunlight can create a variety of vision problems. Some of these include retinal damage, early cataract development, and even sunburnt corneas…. Read More

Why Are My Eyes So Dry?

Everyone experiences dry eyes from time to time. It could be due to any number and combination of external factors. Dry climates, allergies, dust, and airborne particles can all cause dry eyes. Chronic dry eyes or dry eye syndrome may not seem like a big deal. But left untreated, it can progress until it causes… Read More

7 LASIK Myths to Forget This Summer

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Want to Look Younger? You May Want to Try Microneedling!

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Are You Spending Too Much On Contact Lenses?

You love being able to wear your contacts and the freedom they give you from the hassles of glasses. But have you noticed that you spend a lot more on contact lenses than you ever did when you only wore glasses? Contact lenses do cost more than glasses. You have to buy the cleaning solution… Read More