9 Ways To Care For A Loved One After Cataract Surgery

Cataract removal is among the safest and most performed of all surgical procedures. More than 3 million Americans have cataract surgery each year, with most experiencing fast healing and dramatically improved vision. That being said, every cataract patient needs a little help during the first day or two after surgery. Here are some steps that… Read More

7 Creative Careers That Require Excellent Vision

Imagine being free to dive into the work you love without worrying about glasses and contacts. Picture being able to see near and far in all lights and weathers, and shift perspective on a dime. If you’re a professional in a field where agile vision is key, LASIK could change your world. 1. Design Clothing,… Read More

How a Cataract Forms

Cataracts are a very common eye condition. They are usually associated with aging and up to 70 percent of people age 75 and over have either had or have cataracts. A cataract forms when proteins that cloud a formerly naturally clear lens impair vision. Knowing how a cataract forms can make it easier to tell… Read More

Can Someone Be Too Old for LASIK?

It’s possible to be too young for LASIK, but can you be too old? The FDA approved LASIK for adults 18 years-old and up, but doctors prefer patients to wait until after age 24 due to the fact that eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions tend to stabilize around that time. But where does that leave… Read More

Understanding and Managing Pterygiums

Spring is here, so more people are starting to spend time outdoors to enjoy the sunshine. However, this means you need to start taking sun protection seriously as well. Most people know that they need to put on sunscreen to protect their skin before they go outdoors. But many people don’t think about how the… Read More

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