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5 stars 5
Primera vez en ellis eyes center y mi experiencia fue muy buena al prinsipio esta un poco indispuesto al no saver con certesa si programar una cita oh no <br>Pero la ayuda de marleny fue muy excelente es estremadamente amigable y sobre todp ase que tu confiansa cresca iso que tomara una desicion de acudir y tener la certeza de progamar una cita para la cirugias de mis ojos<br>Proximamente regresare el proximo mes para tener la cirugia estoy un poco nervioso pero que todo salga vien
5 stars 5
Amazing experience! Prior to lasik i could barely see fingers raised right against my face. Month and a half later im at 20/25. Thats amazing! The staff was absolutely lovely. So caring and made me feel as if they were my family. Especially marleny! She was such an angel. You can tell when a person is so passionate about her job. She is. She was so excited when i was approved for lasik. And she remembers patients! This office gets many people coming in and out and she makes me feel so important.Thats one of a kind. She made my overall experience very comfortable and her excitement is contagious. Wonderful staff overall every single one of them.
5 stars 5
Dr. Ellis and his staff are amazing. I was waiting for so long to turn 18 to do my EPI-LASIK eye surgery and it has been the best decision I've ever made. I haven't been able to see 20/20 since I was 6 years old and after 2 months of my surgery I now can see 20/20. Marleny is the sweetest lady I've ever met, she's so caring to all patients. She made sure I was keeping up with vitamins and my drops. Some reviews say that she is a little "crazy" but it's just her amazing bubbly personality and the passion she has for her job to see patients go from terrible vision to amazing vision. After telling her about my 20/20 I received the biggest hug ever, it makes you feel so connected to the staff and loved. If i could give this 100 stars I would. I recommend this place to everyone looking for a good doctor and a caring staff. Thank you so much to Dr. Ellis and his AMAZING staff especially Marleny.
4 stars 4
I reccomend Ellis Eye because they really help you with your vision. My vision was really bad before the surgery but now im seeing better than what we expected, I like the fact that they are bilingual too. From the receptionist to the counselor to the doctor, i reccomend all. Thank you Ellis Eye.
5 stars 5
For Starters I'm Only 20 years Of Age & I Can Certainly Confirm That This Was The Best Decision I Could Of Ever Taken For MySelf And Well Being. I Had My LASIK Eye Surgery About 4 Months Ago & Here I Am Seeing 20/20. I Went From a 20/400 which is Considered Visually Impaired( I Was Blind As A Bat During Daylight Hours) I Could Only See The "E" on The Eye Chart Without My Glasses Or Contacts . The Consultation Was Completely Free & Fast! Every Staff Member is So Helpful & Friendly Especially Nelly . At The Consultation They Let You Know How Your Vision is, what's affecting it and what the Eye Surgery Will Correct. Once You're Considered A Candidate The Rest is A Breeze. They Also Have A Great Finance Program. Dr. Ellis Was Very Proffesional & Made Me Feel Comfortable & At Ease throughout The Whole Procedure. As For The Sugery, It's only about a 10-15 min procedure! I was able to see right away after surgery but just a lil blurry due to the fact that they leave you with a protective contact in your eyes to help it heal ( only in for 5-7)days . Post surgery there is an obvious little discomfort but nothing unbearable! Plus the pain medication they prescribe you helps! Over All it Was The Best Decision I've Ever Made. So if You Are Considering Laser Eye Sugery I Recommend You Do It & Come Here You Won't Regret it I Promise!