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5 stars 5
This office in corte madera couldnt be better, its close to home and the service is incredible! Thank you Nelly for all the great service and all the help you provided.<br>She couldn't have made this experience any easier for me, i love your customer service and the doctor that checked my eyes is really nice as well.<br>Thank you all for all the great help.
5 stars 5
I had lasik surgery with him almost 10 years ago and still have 20/20 vision
5 stars 5
My boyfriend Rich recently had his Lasik eye procedure with dr. Ellis. The initial appointment in wa<br>lnut creek was fabulous, all the women that we met with were professional and friendly. The procedure was set a month out from the first appointment and was in the San Jose location. When we arrived everything was explained in detail and the procedure was quick. While in the waiting room we saw Kopp huh people before and after the procedure and no one even seemed nervous. Within 24 hours Rich could see without his contacts - his only issue was light sensitivity which the nurses warn you about. The only negative is they don't warn you about the smell - for 2 days I could smell his eyes and it was pretty gross. All in all it was worth the money - thank you dr ellis, Nelly, Jelena and Corleny!!
5 stars 5
First ever yelp review, figured this one is worth making an account for. It's been two months and I see between 20/20 and 20/15. I did PRK (NOT LASIK). I'm pretty sure my own results are above average, recovered super quick. They gave me a lot of good advice, to make sure my vitamins are up and take some omega 3's. You always have someone to contact before and after the operation whenever you need it. This was useful, I ran out of prescription eye drops at one point and another time I was worried when my eye was hurting. No biggie, they had me come in immediately and double checked that everything was ok.<br><br>I have suffered from dry eye in the past, I couldn't wear contacts anymore comfortably on a daily basis, so for the last six years I'd been wearing glasses. My biggest concern is that if contacts didn't work out, would PRK? I did research, it increases the chances of dry eye.<br><br>I'm super happy with my choice. It's a scary operation but it worked out for me very well. <br><br>Side effects to know about:<br>- first day after the operation you better sleep or it'll hurt till you do.<br>- I could watch TV within a few days.<br>- Light sensitivity for 4-8 weeks, no biggie, just wear any sunglasses when you go outside.<br><br>Closing thoughts: I'd shopped around for prices. PRK and Lasik are standard procedures. You don't need to go crazy on the expensive side of the spectrum breaking your bank just to get this operation. Ellis was a really great candidate, definitely amongst the top, but also had a good price.
5 stars 5
Dr Ellis and his team are amazing, and the front desk lady is so sweet and nice. In April 2016 I went in for a consultation in the San Jose location to see if I qualified for the lasik surgery. To my surprise I was a candidate. Marleny explained in detail the process of the surgery and I decided to go for it. May 6th 2016 I went in for my surgery. I was really really nervous and scared so Marleny went in the surgery room with me. She was there the whole time holding my hand, everything was so quick. Dr Ellis made sure I felt comfortable. I was out of my surgery in 10 mins. I am really happy with the results, I don't have to worry about wearing glasses anymore. Thank you Dr Ellis and staff. <br>P.s Marleny is AWSOME!!!!!!