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5 stars 5
I recommend Dr. Ellis because i see the difference in my vision. Nelly, my counselor, explained everything to me, she is really patient and all the staff is great.
4 stars 4
I got RK surgery from Dr. Ellis 20 years ago, in 1995. At the time he had done about 10,000 RK surgeries and only about 1,200 Lasik surgeries, so I opted for RK.<br><br>My vision before he surgery was about 20/600 (legally blind) and 20/35 after the surgery. This means I don't need glasses. Today it is basically the same, and I've never had any problems.<br><br>I recall that the staff and the doctor were not especially friendly, but were very professional and seemed to know their stuff. That was more important to me.<br><br>Immediately after the surgery I recall my vision being instantly better (as soon as he made the cuts in my cornea) which was amazing! The antibiotic drops didn't work for me. He gave me another type to try, but also did not work for me. The drops made my eyes clamp up, so I didn't take them for more than 2 days, I stuck with the oral antibiotics. I never had any problems.<br><br>Over-all I recommend Dr. Ellis because I had the desired results, and 20 years later I have no complaints.
5 stars 5
First of all, you with the ONE STAR...<br><br>Did you have someone write this review for you? Did you use the voice command function on your phone to communicate your thoughts? What's that? You typed this review up with your new, perfectly seeing eyeballs? Oh...well, then your negative comments are invalid. <br><br>To those seriously considering laser eye surgery, than Ellis Eye & Laser medical center is the place to go. I had my first consultation in February 2015, and by the next week, I was scheduled to have corrective surgery. Everyone I encountered during this process was not only incredibly helpful, but genuinely nice. They were all very patient with me each step of the way, even when I was having complications with my payment plan. Once I was ready for the procedure, I briefly chopped it up with Dr. Ellis, whose lighthearted yet professional nature immediately put me at ease. And the procedure itself only lasted several minutes! is still surgery so OBVIOUSLY there is going to be a little discomfort. However, if you are one of those people who has seriously worried about being stranded on an island because you know you would die from being blind once your contacts dried out (probably just me), than you know that it is SO WORTH IT. <br><br>After the surgery, you are able to see right away, though there is a hazy fog that sticks around for about a week after. With that said, I was able to drive and go back to work where I basically stare at a screen for 8 hours, the very next day! Fast forward 6th months later, and my vision is absolutely perfect. Even with contacts, I was never able to achieve the 20/20 vision that I have now. Lasik surgery has completely changed my life, and if you choose Ellis Eye & Laser to correct your vision, I know it will change yours as well.
5 stars 5
I love this place. Everyone was so nice.
5 stars 5
Dr. Ellis and his team did an amazing job, and I couldn't be happier with my treatment and the results. I had to get PRK due to my thin corneas and the severity of my nearsightedness, and I was pretty anxious about how it would turn out. I felt like they took really good care of me and put some extra thought into how best to preserve my cornea while still giving me 20/20 vision.