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5 stars 5
I have worn glasses all my life and when it came to making a choice for laser surgery. IQ Laser Vision was the 1st and only option. The SMILE procedure had me back up and running within 24hrs a truly life changing experience!!

5 stars 5
The best place to do the eye surgery. I had an ICL surgery done in IQ Laser Vision - Santa Clara. Before that, I went to several different clinics in order to hear different specialists opinions. IQ Laser Vision/Scott Hyver center turned out to be the most reliable and professional. Im sincerely thankful to Dr. Robert Lin and IQ laser vision staff. God bless them. The surgery went very fast and had zero discomfort or pain. The results are above any expectations. If you are looking for a place to do the eye surgery, you can be 100% confident that it is the place to go to. IQ Laser Vision is outstanding.

5 stars 5
tl;dr: The EVO ICL procedure with Dr. Lin at IQ Laser Vision Santa Clara was nothing short of a life-changing miracle for me! The procedure was fast, easy, and painless. I was already seeing 20/20 at 1-day post-op. I would highly recommend anyone interested in vision correction to get a consultation with IQ Laser Vision.I had been wearing glasses for almost 25 years with a fairly high prescription in both eyes, and knew it was time to get vision correction. After an intake consultation with Jacinta, the patient coordinator, I was scheduled for a Zoom consultation with Dr. Lin. During my consultation, Dr. Lin was professional, friendly, and answered all my questions thoroughly. He explained that while I would be a good candidate for LASIK, ultimately the best vision correction procedure for me is the new EVO ICL procedure that was just approved by the FDA last year. Although there are multiple surgeons in the Bay Area who are qualified to perform the EVO ICL procedure, I knew I had to entrust my eyes to the surgeon who has the most experience with ICLs, which is without a doubt Dr. Lin. As a healthcare professional myself, I know just how important reputation is in the medical field. I ultimately chose Dr. Lin to perform my EVO ICL procedure because not only does he have a solid training and background, he also has been performing ICL surgery for many years and is widely recognized as an expert in his field.After a few follow-up emails and calls with Jacinta, I was scheduled for my procedure, along with two pre-op appointments a month prior. Unfortunately, because of a manufacturing delay, my procedure date had to be postponed for one month because my toric lens had to be custom-made. Despite the delay, I was very appreciative of how Ed, their director of business development, personally followed my case and gave me periodic updates to make sure everything was on track for my rescheduled procedure.On procedure day, after filling out some final paperwork, I was administered two sets of dilating and numbing eyedrops by one of the assistants to prepare me for procedure, and then was led back to an exam room. There, I met with Dr. Lin, where he explained the procedure again in brief and answered any remaining questions that I had. I was escorted to the surgery suite, and was made comfortable on the operating table, which was essentially the machine used for LASIK procedures. The entire procedure was fast and painless, to the credit of Dr. Lins expertise. Aside from just some pressure on the eye as the lenses were being inserted and manipulated, the most uncomfortable part of the procedure was staring directly into the really bright light above me without moving for about 5 minutes per eye. After the procedure was completed on both eyes, I was sent back to the waiting room to rest for about 2 hours so my eye pressure can be checked. After everything checked out, I was sent home to rest until the next day.The next morning when I woke up, wow what a difference! After resting for the entire day prior, I felt excited that I was already seeing really well. When I arrived, I was able to chat briefly with Dr. Lin again before receiving a more comprehensive eye exam with Dr. Wu and Dr. Tran, the two optometrists. I was, much to my surprise, already seeing 20/20, and healing nicely without any complications aside from a little swelling, which was to be expected.I am now almost one week post-op, and I am very happy with the results so far. As many others have said, the only thing that is a bit bothersome is seeing halos around bright lights at night, though this is a trade-off Im willing to make for not needing glasses anymore. Im confident that as my eye fully heals, my vision will only get better. Its an understatement to say that getting the EVO ICL procedure with Dr. Lin has been a life-changing experience, and I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in a vision correction procedure to explore their options with the professionals at IQ Laser Vision.

5 stars 5
My last day of wearing glasses after I have been wearing over 10 years. I decided to do ReLEx SMILE. It doesnt hurt at all! I did with IQ Laser Vision- Santa Clara. I highly recommend!

5 stars 5
Its been a week since my procedure and vision is perfect. Huge thank you to Dr. Phan and the rest of the team for providing me with a seamless SMILE procedure