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5 stars 5
I've worn glasses most of my life and was told by other eye surgeons that LASIK was not an option because of thin corneas. The team at Ellis Eye & Laser identified me as a candidate for LASEK. I'm finally free of the hassle of wearing glasses and contacts.<br><br>I'm in my mid-50's with a strong presecription for being near-sighted, so I initially was unsure about moving forward. What convinced me to move ahead was the thoroughness of the exam and the time the doctor took to explain exactly what was involved with the procedure in detail.<br><br>The care before and after the LASEK was outstanding. Understandably, an elective surgery involving one's vision can create anxiety. Bobby, the nurse, was the best at making her patients' relax and feel that they were in safe hands and well taken care for.<br><br>If you are thinking about corrective vision surgery in the Bay Area, Dr. Ellis is the place to go!<br><br>John Bissell
5 stars 5
I got my lasik surgery 3 months back and my eye site now is 20/20.<br>I am so happy the way Ellis did the surgery.<br>Over all I recommend this place who are looking for lasik.....!
5 stars 5
Great ! Very helpful and freindly staff. Thanks to Dr. Ellis, I have perfect vision!
5 stars 5
I had Wavefront LASIK with Dr. Ellis in September. I was scared, worried I would never be able to see correctly. Dr. Ellis and his staff are nothing short of spectacular. The results were amazing... The first time I was caught in a rainstorm on vacation was an amazing experience... I could see without wet, smudgy glasses. Dr. Ellis is one who is extremely good at what he does... My only wish is that I didn't wait so long to finally do it! My life has changed! Love it. 5 stars. Worth the investment if you ask me. Haven't worn glasses since September. Can buy any sunglasses I want- no more prescription!
4 stars 4
I have been debating getting Lasik for the last three or four years. I started needing glasses when I was about 13 or 14. At first, only for far away things: when I sat in the back of the classroom, going to the movies, etc. By the time I was 16, I needed to wear them every day. I tried contacts for the first time in 2000, and loved them. I wore contacts almost every day for 10 years, but finally my eyes could take it no more. After two or three hours they were irritated, dry, and itchy. I have had various ophthalmologists (i.e., not those at Ellis Eye) say that my eyes were more or less stable at this point in my life (I'm 29) and I'd likely be a good candidate for Lasik. My prescription is about -3 in one eye and -3.5 in the other. I've got an astigmatism. <br><br>It's X-mass time and I'm at a friend's house party, catch up with someone I haven't seen in ages. She says she just got Lasik. Her prescription was -12 in each eye or something ridiculous like that. Says the surgery was a breeze, cost her about $6K, and she's never been happier. I figured, why not go for it? I set up a consultation with Ellis Eye. They evaluated me for free on a Saturday. I was in and out of there in 30 minutes. Cornea thickness is good, I'm a candidate, we scheduled the actual operation for three weeks later.<br><br>A few other reviews (he's got multiple locations in the Bay Area) have mentioned the mediocre office space that isn't very modern looking, a lot of people in the waiting rooms, etc. I agree, but who cares? You're not going there for a five course meal. If they're saving on overhead and passing those costs along to me, great. <br><br>The surgery itself was very fast (about 10 minutes), painless, and went flawlessly. I was at the office the day of the surgery for about 2.5 hours total. Fill out paper work, double check everything, waiting for a few people ahead of me to get their Wavefront Lasik done. I had to get prescription eye drops to use for 10 days after the surgery. Go to Walmart - you'll save about $120 over what they want to charge you at Walgreens or CVS.<br><br>Anyways, yesterday I just had my three week checkup yesterday and can now see 20/15 (i.e., better than 20/20). Everything healed perfectly, and I'm good to go. It's unbelievable not needing glasses any more, I can't tell you how cool it is. Dr. Ellis himself was professional, has a great bedside manner, and you can tell he's done over 50,000 of these. <br><br>The ONLY reason I won't give them five stars is because of one thing. Their "cash price" for me was about $3,700. I went with an outside finance company to pay it off over 18 months with no interest, and the price shot up to $4,100! What's up with that?! They're getting the same amount of money either way. The finance company cuts them a check for the amount they say it costs, and I pay the finance company over 18 months. So basically, it's a $400 "service fee" that Ellis Eye charges if you pay them through a finance company. Of course, they don't call it that. Lame. <br><br>If you have questions or are uncertain, message me. I seriously can not recommend Dr. Ellis enough, Wavefront Lasik is, so far, one of the best investments I've ever made.