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5 stars 5
I am so thrilled! I heard an ad on the radio for Ellis Eye and decided to call for the free consultation they offered. I mean what did I have to lose? I might have not even qualified to have Lasik corrective surgery. I was either going to spend money on a new eye exam, glasses, contacts etc. or spend the money on Lasik if I was a good candidate for the surgery. Turns out that I did qualify and not only that they gave me the option of 2 price quotes. The first was for basic Lasik. The second was for a fine-tuned version of the first. What was there to decide? I had a client once say "save money on toilet paper not plastic surgery." Well this wasn't plastic surgery but if I was going to do it right I wanted the best. I loved the people and the doctor (who was very personable).<br>After my sugery I could read license plates, see street signs, indentations in the freeway cement and facial hair on the people in the cars next to me. If you are into how nice the office looks just know that Dr. Ellis spends his money on his top notch equipment. If you are into great care and great results he is your man. I am in absolute awe of my results. I think you will be too. If Dr. Ellis was in today when I went of my post op appointment I would have knelt down and kissed his feet! A genius is what he is!
5 stars 5
I had been near sighted since age 7 and at age 58 I decided to go for lasik wave front since I had astimatisms as well. Within 24 hours I had 20/20 vision! Thank you Dr. Ellis!!!! I need reading glasses now but the worries are gone about being lost if I something happened to my glasses or contact lenses.
4 stars 4
Had my laser eye surgery with Dr Ellis in San Jose office the service was great the office atmosphere was calm and the receptionist was very informative about the process and the preparation of my surgery. The next day I came in for my 1 day post op appointment my vision was 20/20 I'm so happy that i did my surgery i would of done it sooner if i knew it was that easy I'm so happy with my results thanks to all the staff in San Jose office now i can start my new year with perfect vision and no more ugly glasses
4 stars 4
I am very surprised about the negative reviews that I read.<br>I had my surgery done at Ellis Eye Center about 4 years ago & couldnt have been happier.<br>It was the best thing I have ever done.<br>I can't think of anything negative to say about appts I had before the surgery. The day of the surgery was great. Even though I was really worried, Dr. Ellis's assistant (i think her name was Bobbie) made me feel at ease.<br>Surgery itself was very fast .....<br>Post ops were fine as well.<br>I am very happy with the end result.
4 stars 4
I went to see Dr. Ellis for Lasik and will refer anyone I can to him!!! <br><br>In September 2008 I went to have a consultation (on a Saturday) in San Francisco for Lasik at Dr. Ellis' office. It was to the point, informative and very reasonable. I had done my own research online about the PROCEDURE and decided to have it done with Dr. Ellis due to his tens of thousands of satisfied customers.<br><br>After working in the Dental Field for over a decade I know that a fancy office, coffee and excellent bedside manners usually means the doctors technical abilities are not so great, so they have to hide their short comings with bells and whistles.<br><br>Dr. Ellis has ZERO NEED for the bells and whistles. This is a no frills, to the point and extremely personable office for people who want to see 20/20 or better (like me) After 15 years of glasses, I have PERFECT vision after 30 seconds. <br><br>If you want a fancy office, your feet rubbed and rear kissed (and a refund for your Rx) go to Beverly Hills or Union Square and Pay twice as much for the same procedure. Obviously you have to do your own research and READ. You have to watch you own videos, read your own research etc. and decide if it is for you. Then have the most experienced doctor perform the procedure.<br><br>Dr. Ellis gets my vote for these reasons:<br><br>It is quick<br>It is painless<br>The staff is amazing<br>He does the job right<br>Your done!<br><br>If you want to marry your surgeon, have an overnight stay in a private room on the 25th floor of a fancy building as the limousine picks you up, Get a room at The Four Seasons, rent a Limo and PAY FOR IT!!! <br><br>Bottom line. Great service, great follow up, no fuss, no nonsense. Pre-Madonnas need not apply. Do your research, pay your bill and have the surgery done, A, B and C 20/20 or better, it is that simple.<br><br>Obviously the ONE bad review here was by a whiner who has nothing better to do than complain about life and I am sure everything is an ongoing issue, with EVERY service over $20.00