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4 stars 4
I went to see Dr. Ellis for Lasik and will refer anyone I can to him!!! <br><br>In September 2008 I went to have a consultation (on a Saturday) in San Francisco for Lasik at Dr. Ellis' office. It was to the point, informative and very reasonable. I had done my own research online about the PROCEDURE and decided to have it done with Dr. Ellis due to his tens of thousands of satisfied customers.<br><br>After working in the Dental Field for over a decade I know that a fancy office, coffee and excellent bedside manners usually means the doctors technical abilities are not so great, so they have to hide their short comings with bells and whistles.<br><br>Dr. Ellis has ZERO NEED for the bells and whistles. This is a no frills, to the point and extremely personable office for people who want to see 20/20 or better (like me) After 15 years of glasses, I have PERFECT vision after 30 seconds. <br><br>If you want a fancy office, your feet rubbed and rear kissed (and a refund for your Rx) go to Beverly Hills or Union Square and Pay twice as much for the same procedure. Obviously you have to do your own research and READ. You have to watch you own videos, read your own research etc. and decide if it is for you. Then have the most experienced doctor perform the procedure.<br><br>Dr. Ellis gets my vote for these reasons:<br><br>It is quick<br>It is painless<br>The staff is amazing<br>He does the job right<br>Your done!<br><br>If you want to marry your surgeon, have an overnight stay in a private room on the 25th floor of a fancy building as the limousine picks you up, Get a room at The Four Seasons, rent a Limo and PAY FOR IT!!! <br><br>Bottom line. Great service, great follow up, no fuss, no nonsense. Pre-Madonnas need not apply. Do your research, pay your bill and have the surgery done, A, B and C 20/20 or better, it is that simple.<br><br>Obviously the ONE bad review here was by a whiner who has nothing better to do than complain about life and I am sure everything is an ongoing issue, with EVERY service over $20.00
4 stars 4
i feel as if i have to write a review on my experience with dr ellis and staff because when i was searching their company, there were so few to go on. let me tell you i was terrified as i am sure all are when they are ready to go under the laser. i had some councilors that were very informative such as marleni at the SF/el cerrito office and etta (atta?) at the SF office. atta did the best at calming me down about 20 minutes before i was going to go into the OR. she told me that the surgery does get more difficult with more side effects or need for enhancement with the larger your prescription is. mine was not that bad, so i calmed down a little. on the day of the surgery i was not, however, impressed with their set up. there was about 15 people in the tiny, unaesthetically pleasing, waiting room and the staff and patients were all chatting it up extremely loudly. i felt like i was in a waiting room at a med clinic in Tijuana or something. i was just waiting for a chicken to get loose from a crate. but, everyone was very nice and did a good job calming me down. i did have an issue with the fact that they gave me a valium then ushered me into the OR immediately, did they think it would have taken effect by then? seriously? so i was fully fully fully aware of everything going on, especially of dr ellis shouting "I SAID LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE LIGHT!!!" when i thought i was looking at it. luckily, i had been previously informed that dr ellis does not have a gentle way about him. after the procedure i had to walk myself out of the exam room which was sort of shocking since by that time the valium had taken full effect and i had very little balance. i am lucky my boyfriend was waiting for me to shuttle me home. ok, now i know all this sounds like a terrible experience, but it was yesterday and i am now at home with 20/15 vision and NO, i repeat, NO discomfort. i woke up this morning and felt like that scene when dorothy walks out of her front door to a whole new world full of color. you can't argue with success:)<br><br>to sum up: you get what you pay for. some of the expensive drs are charging exorbitant fees for a spa like experience with multiple consults with the surgeon. you will NOT get that with ellis eye. i would normally give a place like this about 2 stars for disorganization and unpleasing atmosphere, but hey, i can see the hills in the distance and i can read street signs before they are right in front of my face. and this is about 16 hours after the surgery. i am a very happy customer
5 stars 5
Thanks to Dr. Ellis I now have 20/15 vision!!!<br><br>For those in the know that is better than 20/20. I used to be nearsighted with slight Astigmatism. I have no regrets and no longer use glasses or contacts. Vision did fluctuate for the first few months (this is normal and you are told this) but then all of a sudden I realized I see perfectly. Yes I was nervous, scared, did HELLA research etc. but finally gave in and I will never look back. No regrets whatsoever but I will admit I was nervous (c'mon now a laser to the eye..but it doesn't even hurt!!!). I also don't have dry eyes anymore and even night vision is awesome.<br><br>If you have any questions feel free to ask me. Tell em' RAV sent you.
4 stars 4
I'm posting a review on this place (something I rarely do) because it was so darn hard to find good info on the internet on this company when I was looking into Lasik surgery. <br><br>Right before the new year, I realized I had some significant flex spending dollars to spend. I will admit I received a coupon in the mail from Ellis with a ridiculously low Lasik quote on it that caught my eye. I realize that trying to get a discount on eye surgery sounds pretty crazy, but I had heard from an opthamalogy fellow as USF that the difference with Lasik surgeons tended to be their before/after care - not the surgery itself. So that made me a little less weary...<br><br>As soon as I stepped foot into the Ellis office in San Jose, I was instantly second-guessing my flippancy about going to a "factory" for surgery. The office was a bit cold and shabby, and the waiting room was filled with some "interesting" people. But my worries were quickly assuaged once I met the doctor and other staff. They were very patient and helpful in thoroughly explaining the procedure and my candidacy for the surgery. Turned out I have thin corneas so I would have to go through epi-Lasik, which has a more painful and lengthy recovery. So I signed up for the custom epi-Lasik, which turned out to be far pricier than typical Lasik at Ellis (but still weighed in at a relatively reasonable $3800.). <br><br>The surgery itself presents a similar patient experience to Lasik. You take a valium and they numb your eye. You're awake during the procedure. They clamp some thing on your eye to keep it open, and for about 5-10 min, you can see them lasering and working on your eyes. It sounds scary, but it's more just weird than painful. The surgery was over before I knew it, and Dr. Ellis performed it. I saw him for 5 min before the surgery and 5 min after - that was it. But to be honest, I was more comfortable dealing with the other doctors and staff anyway. I went home that day, took sleeping pills and painkillers - and woke up the next day. Now if I'd had Lasik, I probably would have gone about my business that next day. But epi-Lasik requires about 4-5 days at home of recovery. I kept my eyes closed most of the first 3 days. I do admit the pain was surprisingly minimal, but it does get boring keeping your eyes shut for hours on end when you can't sleep. <br><br>My vision is not yet stable at 20/20 (it takes about 3 months to stabilize for epi-Lasik they say), but I can pretty much function fully now and see clearly and far nearly 1 1/2 months later. The first few weeks after, my vision fluctuated, and it was difficult to drive at night or see my PC straight for long. But I could function. If you get Lasik, you'll likely have a much easier and faster recovery to normal vision. <br><br>The before and after care with the docs and staff at Eliis was great. As long as I went in the early morning or late afternoon, I was seen almost immediately. The 2 main doctors were very encouraging and reassuring. Before I got the surgery, I thought I was pretty much fine to keep contacts all my life, but I have to say, it is a GREAT feeling waking up in the morning and being able to see without anything. <br><br>Btw, I had pretty bad vision (nearsighted) with a slight astigmatism. Eliis will provide a free consultation to see if you're eligible for Lasik or another surgery, just like most Lasik docs.