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5 stars 5
I had the SMILE procedure done at the Rowland Heights location. They make you get an eye exam prior to the procedure to see if you are a candidate for the SMILE procedure. The exam was very thorough and long (which I actually appreciated, given that we are dealing with my eyes). Once they determine you are a candidate, you pick the date for your procedure.On D-Day, prior to going into the procedure room, the doctor who will be performing the procedure will explain to you what to expect throughout the procedure. Doctor Pham was my doctor and he was AMAZING! He walked me through every second of the procedure which helped tremendously with my anxiety. The procedure itself only took about 15-20 minutes. They gave me some sleeping pills to take at home so that I can sleep and rest my eyes after the procedure. I had my post-procedure check the following day.Overall, my experience with IQ laser vision was amazing. The staff from front desk, assistants, and doctors are all so helpful, professional, and approachable. I would definitely recommend this facility.

5 stars 5
The people here are very friendly and informative. I was informed about all the different options and after my consultation, I decided to proceed with the SMILE procedure. Dr. Phan was very informative before and during the surgery. He told me what he was doing during the whole process, which was very reassuring. The procedure was quick and completely painless.During my post-operation visit, they told me that my vision was about 60-80% healed and will continue to heal within the following week to several months. My operation was on Saturday morning and my post-op visit was on Monday. I had recovered enough to drive to my surprise.Its been 2.5 weeks since my surgery and my vision is great. Would highly recommend the procedure.

5 stars 5
Incredible and superb service from start to finish. I highly recommend IQ Laser for LASIK. They provided excellent consultation, surgery, and follow up. My vision is excellent!

5 stars 5
I got the SMILE procedure and it was definitely worth it. Less invasive and faster recovery. I only wish I did it sooner! I'm especially looking forward to traveling without having to worry about packing contact solution under 3 oz in my carry-on, wondering if I'll have enough for a 2-week trip, back-up contacts, and a pair of glasses, and falling asleep on planes/trains drying out my contacts. These worries are a thing of the past!

5 stars 5
Excellent customer service.