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5 stars 5
Amazing experience! The idea of eye surgery is always scary and I was skeptical of it all. But after the first visit for consultation, I felt better about it all. The staff really walks you through each step of the process with 10/10 amazing communication and transparency. It's been a month now and it's incredible having 20/20 vision without the hassle of contacts or glasses!

5 stars 5
"Thank you for allowing me to see the beauty of the world clearly once again. The entire treatment process was excellent, and I highly recommend it."

5 stars 5
I had SMILE done and everything went well! The staff and surgeon was friendly, and the surgery took around 25 minutes! In 2 days my blurriness and light sensitivity were almost completely gone and Im seeing 20/20!!

5 stars 5
I recently had my procedure on 3/25/24. Due to my high prescription, I was only qualified for EVO ICL. This procedure requires a lens to be inserted in your eye. The benefits of this procedure is that you do not get dry eyes and it has UV protection! I've never heard of this procedure, but apparently it's been around for many years. The doctor that did my procedure was Dr. Lin. From what I've remembered, he's the best in the country. The office is clean and has a very calm vibe to it. All the workers were very friendly and helpful. My consultation went smoothly. The person doing my consultation answered all my questions and I left very confident and excited for my procedure.The day of the procedure, I was more excited than nervous. They gave me some medications that would help you with anxiety or nervousness. The procedure was quick. Dr. Lin was very friendly. I was told the procedure would take about 30 mins, 15 mins per eye, but it felt like it was only 5-10 mins per eye. The procedure was done and they provided me with clear post care instructions.I also had several friends go here for lasik. 10/10 would recommend! I am so happy to be able to wake up with clear vision and not worry about contact lens or my glasses anymore!

5 stars 5
I chose IQ Laser Vision for my SMILE procedure 10 days ago. I feel great now and remember the staff was very friendly and the explanation was very clear beforehand. The doctor was also very knowledgeable and explained everything in detail before and after the procedure. I was very nervous on the day of the procedure so my surgeon walked me through the procedure and kept me calm. The whole procedure took less than 20 minutes and the results are great! Overall, I would definitely recommend IQ Laser Vision to anyone who is thinking of getting LASIK or SMILE.