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5 stars 5
(Translated by Google) May 2 I had the lasik procedure, it was great, all the staff is very friendly, now I can see very well without glasses, the price surprised me, I thought that this type of surgery was very expensive and it is not like that, it is very accessible, thank you IQ LASER!(Original)mayo 2 tube el procedimiento lasik, fue estupendo, todo el.personal es muy amable, ahora puedo ver muy bien sin lentes, el precio me sorprendio, pensaba q ese tipo de cirujia eran muy costosas y no es asi, es muy accesible, gracias IQ LASER!

5 stars 5
I had my SMILE eye surgery done at IQ Laser Vision in February 2022. I had consultations at 4 different LASIK clinics, finally chose this one. Virtual consultation with Amber was very informative, and she answered all my general questions. In-person consultation I had with Dr Phan was great, he is a very experienced eye surgeon who really cares for his patients. I asked him lots of SMILE related questions and he took time explaining the procedure and even drew a diagram to address my concerns. On the surgery day, they gave me a pill to help me relax prior to the procedure. Dr Phan did last check on my eyes, then took me to the operation room. Both him and his assistant were super nice and friendly during the procedure, I didn't feel nervous or pain at all. The SMILE procedure took about 20 minutes and I couldn't believe it was over until Dr Phan told me to sit up. After the surgery, they gave me the goodie bag with eye drops, protection goggles and sunglasses with the post-surgery instructions. Dr Phan is patient, knowledgeable, caring and most importantly, has very steady hands during the procedure.It has been 2.5 months since I had my SMILE surgery and my vision is 20/15, can't be happier with this result! Thank you Dr Phan and IQLV for my vision independence!

5 stars 5
I cannot believe how easy this was to obtain perfect vision. I live a bit far from IQ Laser Vision in Rowland Heights and knew I wanted to have the procedure performed that day. The staff was wonderful. They coordinated everything and set up the consultation and procedure on the same day. I was able to have the Smile procedure (which is less invasive than Lasik). It was absolutely painless and super quick. Dr. Lin was wonderful. I cannot recommend them enough. They even arranged for me to follow up with a doctor they work with right in my neighborhood (who was also excellent). Thanks guys for an incredible job well done.

5 stars 5
Dr. Phan did SMILE surgery on my eyes a bit more than a year ago. I had "20/20" vision with glasses, but post-surgery I can see a LOT of details I never could before, especially in the distance. (For example: there is a house on the hill directly across from my home. I had no idea it was there until after surgery.)Everyone in the office was great, they were very clear about the side effects of surgery, and did plenty of followup. All my side effects were gone within six months, and they were: 1. The first week after surgery, I had to set my computer monitor to "high-contrast", as if I had cataracts, but that got better quickly. 2. For six months after surgery, I had dry eyes (then it was fine). 3. For six months after surgery, I could cut onions without crying, but alas that side effect is gone now too lol.

5 stars 5
The inspection was careful and the staff were friendly.It has been the fourth day, and the eyes are gradually recovering. A smile made by the left eye, a laser made by the right eye. The left eye is sharper than the right eye.No problems other than occasional dry eyes! thanks