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5 stars 5
I was SHOCKED by my results! I recommend this place to my friends and family because I want them to have the best experience and results possible. I was taken care of from start to finish and all my questions were answered. The process for SMILE was quick so I recommend practicing at home in order to avoid feeling like your eye drifted away from the laser. The whole process was quick and the recovery didnt take long, since I could see the next day. The halos and glares that you experience at night will fade after a few weeks. I only experienced dryness the first couple days and felt normal after a week or so, i dont experience any fatigue or strain. I had to look at the laser for 23 seconds and for my post op checkup my vision was close to 20/15!!I have 20/20 vision possibly a bit better, I am 27 years old and wore glasses for 13 years.

5 stars 5
Summary: Laser eye surgery isn't all sunshine and roses, but I highly recommended IQLV if you're going to get correction done. They're very busy, so explanations can be brief, and patient workflow could be improved (as of ~June 2021). Dr. Phan is a very skilled surgeon, but the SMILE procedure does require you keep your eyeball still for 15-20 seconds, so the results may depend on your understanding of and preparation for what happens before, during, and after your procedure (do your research, get mentally prepared, helps to have someone rehearse with you). Even if the surgery goes well, it'll change your overall vision compared to glasses or contacts (likely to reduce night time clarity, slightly reduce contrast, in addition to other risks), so take some time to assess the pros and cons for your situation. Overall, my wife and I don't regret the procedure, but it's been less than a year, and it's possible our (glasses-free) correction won't last over 5 years. Post-procedure, our eyes feel overall "weaker" and more prone to dryness.Eye drop brand makes a huge difference for us. The Oasis Tears eye drops (provided by IQLV) are the best we've tried. Other preservative free eye drops (like Refresh Tears) don't provide the visual clarity / moisture of the Oasis Tears.Me: -1.00 and -1.25 rightMy wife: -7.25 both (~cyc +1 axis 118)Post-procedure results: me (~20/20 rt eye), my wife (~20/20 both eyes)What improved over time: dry eyes, night glare and halosMy wife and I got the SMILE procedure done by Dr. Phan. My eyes had an allergic reaction to the procanamide numbing eye drops used during the surgery (very rare apparently). As a result, only my right eye underwent the SMILE procedure, and my left eye became blurry because of corneal erosion (from the procanamide). My main gripe about what happened was that I initially didn't get a good explanation about what happened or what to expect or do about it (probably because 1) it was a rare reaction 2) they were very busy).My vision post-procedure was worse than pre. After many follow up visits, I was given more details about the reaction and how long my eyes would take to recover. The post-op visits renewed my confidence for IQ laser vision. It took about 2-3 months before my left eye got back to ~95% of its former acuity. Now, at 8 months, I enjoy my vision on a daily basis; it's around 20/20 overall (since my left eye is only -1.00). I would not hesitate to do it all over again, but my visual acuity and clarity nowadays is worse than when I was using contacts / glasses.My wife got her SMILE done by Dr. Phan in June 2021. Her results are amazing. After the first day, she had almost no dry eyes, no redness, no pain, no discomfort, etc. She was also already seeing 20/20. We had prepared and rehearsed for her surgery every day for a week, so she wasn't surprised by any part of the process. Dr. Phan did a great job on my wife's surgery, but after 2 months, she still has some dry eyes. We're aware it'll take 3-6 months before the dryness aspect stabilizes.We don't know if this is a result of the surgery, but nowadays, both my wife and I tend to open our eyes more during our sleep, so we often wake up with a band of eye dryness across our eyeballs. That's why we depend on moisturizing eye drops every night before we sleep. Just keep that in mind if you think that laser eye surgery will eliminate all your eye product dependencies :)When you choose a doctor to correct your vision, you want the best, not only in skill, but you want someone who is looking out for your best interests. As such, your or another patient's procedure may take longer than expected, so don't be surprised if you have to wait your turn or your exams take longer. With your vision, it's best to be patient, prepare, and make informed decisions. IQ does get very busy, so you may need to do your own research. You have to be your own advocate, don't take anyone's word without understanding the implications.

5 stars 5
This is my third weeks after SMILE laser, very satisfied. The surgery was scare-less and quick to recover. Dr. Phan, Dr. Tran and the team are professional and friendly. I would highly recommend to my family and friends. Btw, if you have any language preference, check with them. My consultant, Amber, speaks both English and Mandarin, she explained to me in details through Mandarin during my first visit. Highly recommended.

5 stars 5
I was very impressed by Dr. Stephanie Tsang! She was extremely knowledgable and thorough in my eye examinations to make sure I was comfortable going into laser surgery. If you're thinking about PRK/LASIK/SMILE, I recommend you pay her a visit!

5 stars 5
Exactly 8 weeks ago I had the SMILE procedure performed by Dr. Liu. I am so very grateful that I got this done. I was at the point where I just could not bear to wear my contact lenses any more since they irritated me so much. I was slated to have this performed back in December but it was put on hold to ensure that I was truly a candidate due to some concerns with my cornea during the initial consultation. All the staff were professional and easy to work with. Dr. Liu went above and beyond to answer my numerous questions. She discussed my surgery options and took the time to ensure that I made the decision that best suited me. The surgery went much smoother than I expected and it was over very quickly. I had some discomfort a few days after surgery but fortunately it did not last. I was able to see 20/15 two days after surgery. My close up vision was a bit blurry for the first week and gradually got better. I now have great vision up close. The transient haziness and dryness is becoming much less frequent and I feel as though I am already about 95% there. My quality of life has truly improved and I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone who wishes to have SMILE or any other laser vision correction surgery. Your eyes are truly in great hands with them.