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5 stars 5
Its been 5 days since my Smile Lasik procedure with IQ and Im super happy and excited about my results! The staff and surgeon were all very friendly and helpful. Made me feel relaxed and informed about every step along the way. Even during the surgery, I got a little nervous but the doctor calmed me down and I was grateful for the stress ball they gave me to squeeze on during that brief moment of nervousness. But the procedure was quick and painless really. So worth being able to see almost perfectly even within a day or two - doc says Im at 80% seeing potential and will reach full sharpness and clarity within 2-3 months, but I am already amazed at life without needing glasses. Thanks everyone!!

5 stars 5
Enjoyed the experience

5 stars 5
10/10 highly recommended Lasik/Smile! Ive wore glasses since grade school and with the active lifestyle I have I knew one day I was going to get the procedure done. Everyone at IQ Laser was very friendly and welcoming. They answered all the questions I had and was very patient with me. Next day I my vision was 20/25 and hopefully itll be 20/20 or better as time passes! You definitely wont regret getting it done.

5 stars 5
I had been skeptical of laser eye vision correction for the last 10 years, but finally made the decision to look into lasik after hearing 5 different friends share good experiences. After researching a few different centers in the LA area and speaking with 2 of them, I decided to go with Dr. Lin at IQ for the following reasons: (1) my close friend who has a much higher prescription than me and astigmatism did the SMILE procedure with him and has had perfect vision for over a year now; (2) my friends close friends also had good experiences at IQ; (3) Dr. Lins experience seemed just right; (4) IQ was highly professional, clean, and efficient; (5) they were able to schedule me for a same-day eye exam and procedure (whereas another place wanted me to wait a few weeks for the first appointment and then another few weeks for the procedure); and (6) they offer SMILE, which is better than lasik for so many reasons. Christine handled my pre-operation consultation and was super available and responsive via text to all of my questions, both before and after the procedure. The post-operation instructions were clear, and the healing was smooth as predicted. Dr. Lin had a highly competent yet approachable bedside manner, and most importantly a steady hand. Every single person I interacted with at the clinic had the best bedside manner and made me feel welcome and at ease - they clearly hire and retain an amazing professional staff. The office makes it easy to afford vision correction by offering a 24-month, interest-free payment plan, and on top of that, Ive already submitted my receipt for FSA reimbursement. Needless to say, I have been spreading the word about IQ to my family and friends and will continue to do so because Ive been so impressed by them.

5 stars 5
Im writing this 6 hours after my procedure, so please bare with me. I have to say I really like this center! Staff are welcoming and polite, and try to do things in a timely manner. I was told that I would need to set aside a few hours to be there, which is what I expected. I believe I stayed at the center from 10am to 12:30pm. Staff were quick to cycle patients through the many steps before the procedure and make sure you understand what will be happening. As someone who has really bad anxiety, they most definitely calmed my nerves down. Going into the procedure was really scary for me, because of course no one likes their eyeballs being messed with. Dr. Ellis and his staff within the operating room were really patient with me and talked me through each step. The procedure took around 4 minutes in totality. Some people see better right away after the surgery, from what Ive heard, but I noticed my vision worsened. Now that Ive gotten home and Ive slept I notice that my vision is slowly restoring, and the itchiness is gone. I definitely recommend using this facility if you are considering getting LASIK eye surgery. Thank you guys so much!! Even as Im typing this Im noticing my vision is getting better :).