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5 stars 5
Exactly 8 weeks ago I had the SMILE procedure performed by Dr. Liu. I am so very grateful that I got this done. I was at the point where I just could not bear to wear my contact lenses any more since they irritated me so much. I was slated to have this performed back in December but it was put on hold to ensure that I was truly a candidate due to some concerns with my cornea during the initial consultation. All the staff were professional and easy to work with. Dr. Liu went above and beyond to answer my numerous questions. She discussed my surgery options and took the time to ensure that I made the decision that best suited me. The surgery went much smoother than I expected and it was over very quickly. I had some discomfort a few days after surgery but fortunately it did not last. I was able to see 20/15 two days after surgery. My close up vision was a bit blurry for the first week and gradually got better. I now have great vision up close. The transient haziness and dryness is becoming much less frequent and I feel as though I am already about 95% there. My quality of life has truly improved and I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone who wishes to have SMILE or any other laser vision correction surgery. Your eyes are truly in great hands with them.

5 stars 5
IQ LASER VISION!!!! What can I say?! What an AMAZING experience! I recently had the SMILE procedure, and I could not have chosen a better place to do so! From the consultation with Christine all the way up to the operation itself with Dr. Liu, never did I have any worry, doubt, or questions left unanswered through the entire process. The transparency on what to expect in addition to the care you deserve to feel during making a big decision like this is exactly what IQLASERVISION brings to the forefront. 10/10 experience, even the procedure itself, very little discomfort to endure and the rest of my lifetime left to enjoy new vision! If I could do it again, I would. Thank you guys at IQLASERVISION Rowland Heights, appreciate all you guys have done to improve my overall lifestyle!

5 stars 5
I had SMILE surgery done on both eyes here just over one week ago. It was worth every cent. I can now see the same as, if not better, than I could before with glasses.The staff were friendly, helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable. The procedure itself was quick and painless. I experienced minor discomfort and sensitivity to light right after surgery, but the next day I was almost completely healed minus some eye dryness (which you can mitigate with the drops they give you). The only complaint I have is the glare around lights at night now is pretty overwhelming, but not debilitating. Apparently this is a normal side affect and this goes away over time.Overall, great experience and I would recommend it to anyone. Life-changing for sure.

5 stars 5
I had my surgery a month ago and everything went well. Marleny went above and beyond to make sure I had all my questions answered. She even responded to me on a Sunday night. They were upfront and honest with how everything would be and I felt very comfortable. A month in and I have prefect vision. Thank you to all the staff, everyone was wonderful.

5 stars 5
My experience at IQLaserVision has been excellent. I got my ICL surgery done here and they did an incredible job fixing my eyesight. Im so happy I went to them for my surgery.