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5 stars 5
1. The very first thing I want to address is the HOSPITALITY and KINDNESS I received while visiting the Westminster location and City of Industry location. The first people you see is the front desk attendants. You'll see for yourself how welcoming they are. They make a nervous situation more calm by being so nice and smiling all the time. The doctors and assistants are also so sweet and answered all my questions when I came in. I knew nothing about lasik, so I made a list of questions for them. Every time I mentioned how scared I was, they reassured me and explained why I shouldn't be so afraid. I look back now and realize how correct they were!2. The procedure happened SO FAST that I had to ask the doctor, "Oh, were done?". I think I was looking for pain when there was no need to. During the procedure, I felt nothing. The doctor told me that I would feel some pressure, but I actually didn't feel anything (which was why I was shocked we were finished. From the moment I walked into the room to the moment I walked out, it was about TEN MINUTES. They told me to block out 3 hours for the day of the procedure, because I have to fill out paperwork and run tests before. But yeah, 10 minutes and it's over.3. I got the SMILE lasik procedure in my left eye and PRK in my right eye. In my left eye, I woke up the next morning with perfect vision and no irritation. For my right eye, it took a little over a week to heal. These are two completely different procedures. The reason for this is because my right eye had astigmatism, so Smile was not possible. The good thing about the FREE CONSULTATION is that they will tell your options before fully committing. I was okay with the PRK procedure, because I was DESPERATE to not have to wear contacts or glasses anymore.4. It has been a year since my procedure, and I have 20/15 vision.Honestly, this was the best decision of my life. I was scared s*%&less about the procedure. I am such a baby when it comes to this kind of stuff. (I have to bring my sister with me when I get my vaccinations so she can hold my hand.) But when I look back at that day, I laugh because I really had nothing to worry about. Obviously this procedure is expensive, but it's worth the money. Contact lenses cause a lot of problems, and they add up over time too.Other notes:-they give you FREE medications/eyedrops for aftercare-the weekly and monthly checkups after the procedure are FREE-they give you $1000 off if you are referred by someone-all procedures must occur at the city of industry location-they can prescribe you something for your anxiety before the procedure-sleep after your procedure, so your eyes can heal quickly

5 stars 5
I finally did it after 6 years of hesitation.Smooth prep with friendly and knowledgeable stuff here. 7/15/2019 diluted prep check-up. 7/27/2019 3PM Dr. Lin did the LASIK for me. 8/19/20193rd follow up.QuantityQuality11/7/2019 3 months follow upTrish the surgical tech is the only one so far at this facility just carelessness to anyone around. She just has a horrible attitude.12/5/2019Checked by Dr.

5 stars 5
It's been less than two weeks, so my long term results are to be seen, but my experience here was great. I was up in the air about getting Lasik, but after my consultation I was really comfortable about going forward. I was an absolute nervous mess the day of my procedure but they were so kind to me at every step. They don't rush you just to get people through, they were willing to give me as much time as I needed to make sure I was ready. They never made me feel wrong for being scared. Dr. Lui did my procedure and I would recommend her to anyone thinking about going.

5 stars 5
Excellent service!

5 stars 5
Good experienced