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5 stars 5
Had relex smile done here, and it was a great experience. Staff was nice and professional.

5 stars 5
Great place!! I was wearing glasses which I hated, thanks to Dr Lin, my life became so much better, now it's been more than week and I don't feel any discomfort, my vision is perfect like never before. I can drive safely at night, even with glass I didn't see so good. Procedure took around 30 minutes was completely painless so don't be afraid of it, I was nervous even though I knew it was 100% safe, nobody became blind after this procedure. I also got calming pill, which made me feel more relaxed. Everybody were very professional, nice and cool. Would do it again)) Thanks a lot, really appreciate

5 stars 5
I am so glad that I have SMILE procedure done to my eyes, its only take 5 minutes, I can see so clear now without glasses or contact lens, thank you Dr. Liu and the friendly staffs you're so wonderful. Will refer my family & friends to you.

5 stars 5
On my consultation day, there were a lot of people, which mean that they trust this company in doing eye procedures, and also they trust their doctors. It encouraged me more, and it lessen my fear of the unknown. Staff were very friendly, and they are very helpful in providing information about each eye procedures and finances for whatever procedure you will be doing.On my surgery day, Dr Liu provided me the best care ever. She did the Smile Lasik procedure on me. She was very gentle. She gave simple instructions and information of what to expect throughout the procedure. I did not feel any pain, and it took about 15mins to complete the whole procedure. Got home afterwards and rested.About 12hours or so after my procedure, still a little blurry but I could totally see clearly, no more glasses needed. 18hours after the procedure, I drove by myself to my follow up appointment, which is about 30 miles from home (in Westminster. Only available place due to the one in City of Industry being closed on that day). My vision is so clear by now. I did not mind driving, I wore my sunglasses, and I was able to get there safely. 24hours past, I went to work having no problem with my vision. I really appreciate the staff that helped me especially Dr Liu.Highly recommended: Lasik surgery, IQ Laser Vision, and Dr Erica Liu.

5 stars 5
I am so happy to finally have my lasik done with such an awesome experience to share. Everyone at IQ laser vision were 100% genuine, kind, and helpful. They explained everything in detail. I live an hour away and they did the consultation and procedure the same day. My husband even scheduled his own and they did a free consult for him as well. Hes getting it done next month! We didnt feel pressured at all. He was thinking about it but after seeing how amazing the staff was, he decided to schedule his lasik! The lasik itself didnt hurt at all. I went home and slept from 6pm-7am with the ambien they gave me and let me eyes heal. I am experiencing the usual dry/watery eyes 3 days later but its normal part of the healing process. Use the provided eye drops consistently! You wont be disappointed! I saw clearly the next day and I even drove myself to the follow up appointment. Thanks so much to everyone!