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5 stars 5
First off a HUGE thank you to Dr. Richard and Dr. Lin!!! Their explanations and walk through of the pre and post operation really set all my fears and questions at ease. Also thank you to Everyone and I mean EVERYONE at the facility their hospitality and welcoming attitudes make the entire experience spectacular! Right then on with the review..Get the surgery.The end.Jk. But honestly that's what it comes down to. If you are eligible, then there is no reason to suffer with glasses anymore!! I've had glasses since I was a child and just now decided to get the surgery and let me tell you it is the greatest thing you can do for yourself. The procedure itself is so fast you will question if it's really over or not and it is COMPLETELY painless, uncomfortable yes, but PAINLESS!!! I promise that a visit to the dentist or even your primary care providers..hell even a visit to the DMV hurts more than the procedure! The recovery is also fast, you will be prescribed a sleeping aid that will take care of everything else after the surgery..meaning you will be asleep for the uncomfortable bits of the healing. The following day...PRESTO! Instant vision! It's really remarkable, of course there's the antibiotic drops and artificial tears you take every 4 and 2 hours but it is a very small price to pay for being able to see out of your own two eyes. It's been two weeks since my operation and aside from the things to expect (blurry vision or taking a few blinks to really focus, dryness, sensitivity to light, all of which I might add are not as bad as people make it sound) there really is no down side to the procedure. They offer help with financing so payments are manageable and trust me they are here to help every step of the way. Do this for yourself and the quality of life you deserve. An endless amount of gratitude from myself and my loved ones who I can now do things with that my vision held me back from doing, keep changing peoples lives!

5 stars 5
Its been 6 weeks today since I have had my eyes corrected and I am over the moon! I have nothing but great things to say about the IQ clinic and all the amazing staff. I am happy every day I wake up, sure there have been the days I wanna scratch my eyes out but then I remember they are still healing all great things come to those who wait.

5 stars 5
I've been wearing glasses for ~16 years, and I decided to get laser eye surgery. I found this place off of a friend's recommendation. Great experience! Had the surgery last Friday and have been seeing clearly since.STAFF: very friendly and thorough. Front desk greeted me and technicians were all friendly. Manager was great and answered any questions I had. Dr. Tran and Dr. Phan were excellent. They gave me everything I needed in preparation for the surgery - eye drops/sunglasses/goggles for sleepingPROCEDURE: I did the SMILE procedure. It was very quick. Almost an hour or so. There was a bit of tension during the procedure but it was bearable.RECOVERY: very fast recovery. As they said, within 2 days.COST: found it affordable especially bc they offer a payment plan optionI'm happy with the results

5 stars 5
IQ Laser Vision staff, doctor, and surgeon were friendly, professional, thorough, with good understanding of their field and did an outstanding job on my LASIK eye correction. I had a very good experience and recommend this office for your eye correction needs. The outcome of my blended vision procedure was very satisfactory.

5 stars 5
Very good feeling, the whole team is very professional and patient, thank you very much