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5 stars 5
Professional and personal care!

5 stars 5
It has been nearly 4 years since my operation I couldn't be happier. I could not image my life without Lasik. I have been able to do everything without worry about not seeing.The procedure was fast and virtually painless (just discomforting as expected). The recovery time was quick as well, I was able to see and go about my business the next moring.IQ Laser has always been very professional and truly care about their clients. I have recommended friends here and will continue to.

5 stars 5
The staff were superb and very knowledgeable. Loved the experience if I could I would go back again!
5 stars 5
1) Customer service is excellent.2) Very happy with results, although I did not expect to feel pain since its supposed to be laser but I did feel pain during the procedure.3) At first I had very dry eye but eventually it started to get better and better with time.4) I did have to sign many papers the day of the surgery acknowledging that I could end up wearing glasses again since Im 40 years old and the procedure could speed up the need for reading glasses, only a possibility which almost made me not do it but my husband convinced me to just do it. Thankfully I dont need reading glasses yet, but I do know my nearsighted vision is not the same as it was before the surgery. Still Im very happy that I dont have to wear glasses anymore.5) Last but not least Dr. Lin is very very nice and patient, even though he does this everyday over and over again he took the time to answer all my questions.

5 stars 5
It has been about a week since I have gone through with the Lasik procedure, and all I have to say about IQ Laser Vision are great things. Becky Nguyen, the Guest Relations Manager, was awesome and gives you a great run-down with everything you need to know. The Optometrist, Dr. Uyen Nguyen was also great and patient with making sure your eyes are healthy and qualified to proceed with the surgery. Dr. Erica Liu was the one who performed the surgery, and she was so awesome. She talks you through the entire process with what she's doing and makes you feel so calm and comfortable during the entire surgery.The consultation, procedure, and healing process was a breeze. They give you everything you need for pre-op and post-op (eye drops, sleeping pills, etc.). I went to both the Westminster and the City of Industry locations, and both facilities were beautiful, clean, and professional.Thank you to all of the staff for your kindness! The rumors are true, getting Lasik surgery is truly life changing :)I 100% recommend IQ Laser Vision and their amazing team.