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5 stars 5
I just got LASIK two days ago and I can already see so well! The procedure was easy. The staff here are incredible. They are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I felt very well supported and well taken care of here! Every single staff was very warm and welcoming. I highly recommend IQ Laser Vision!

5 stars 5
Very friendly and helpful staff.

5 stars 5
Very nice. Not the cheapest, but I'd be a little scared to penny pinch on my own eyes.

5 stars 5
The entire staff from beginning to the end was all professional. Free consultation and no obligation. I was really hesitant at first after over 30 yrs of wearing glasses. Now, I do not need them any more. I still need to wait for at least 1-3 months to see 100% clear again. I have blended vision, so it is not really perfect, but, i think i can manage it w/out glasses. The surgery was a breeze. I was a little nervous about the entire procedure, but the staff did a good job of keeping me calm and I really appreciative of their effort. Dr Lin performed the surgery for me. Dr Lin is very nice and did a wonderful job.

5 stars 5
I'm glad I got my surgery done, all of the staff was friendly. No complaints whatsoever for these people.