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5 stars 5
Im happy to have the my LASIK done with IQ laser. Veronica and Oscar were helpful and and so friendly to us! Thanks to everybody for such a fast and easy process!!!! Very happy

5 stars 5
I had the SMILE procedure here at the IQ Laser Vision Center in Cupertino late February 2020. I had always worn glasses all my life and decided it was time to consider Lasik. I had researched the Stanford Eye Center and Dr. Furlong for my Lasik procedure. Eventually my optometrist recommended I go in to the IQ Laser Vision Center and talk to them about the SMILE procedure. My optometrist had other patients who loved the outcome of their SMILE procedure and she wanted to inform me of this to give me more information to help with my decision. When I walked in to IQ Laser Vision in Cupertino the whole staff was very welcoming. I spoke with Steven Luu and Dr. Tran. They were both very helpful and broke the procedure down to a very digestible level. The procedure itself was very quick and painless and the recovery time was also very short. The reason that I chose having a SMILE procedure compared to a typical Lasik or PRK procedure was that it was a little less invasive to my eyes. This to me was great, because I was very concerned with having issues post surgery. In the first month post surgery I was seeing things a little glossy and not fully clear. Once I expressed this to Dr. Tran she immediately scheduled a follow up to make sure that things were recovering well.I appreciated this because the team here really wants to make sure that you leave their facilities happy. I am writing this 4 months after the surgery and I see perfectly clear. I would highly recommend people that are considering to have a type of Lasik procedure to get a free consultation with IQ Laser Vision. The whole team is great and they put you at ease when making the decision to have Lasik.

5 stars 5
I loved the staff as well as my entire experience here. Everyone made sure I felt safe and taken care of. Oscar, Scarlett, Victoria, and Dr Erica Liu took such great care of me! I wouldn't recommend any other center for vision correction. Consultation is free if you've never received a Lasik consultation before. They offer some discounts and work with you if you need to utilize a payment plan. I appreciate the amount of follow up visits to ensure your healing process is going smoothly. The actual surgery was quick and painless. I was able to drive and go about my normal activities the very next day. I am just so pleased with my experience here and am grateful I went with IQ Laser Vision for such a large milestone in my life.

5 stars 5
I choose IQ Laser Vision for the SMILE surgery and the results is amazing. I can now see clearly without the aid of glasses and contacts. It is the best decision I ever made. The doctors and technicians there are very helpful and courteous. They was able to answered all of my concerns before I start the SMILE surgery procedure for my eyes. The surgery take about 10 minutes or less and I feel no pain at all just some slight pressure on the eyes. The doctor is also guiding me throughout the entire procedure so I have nothing to worry about. Overall experienced @ IQ Laser Vision was excellent, fast, and helpful and I am satisfied.

5 stars 5
I went to get consolation, I was very skeptical at first but I have felt very comfortable to get my basic there and confident because all my question have been answer the team was very professional.And the doctor met me and give me a lot of testing anyway I got it done yesterday and it's feel amazing so I I highly recommend.