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5 stars 5
I truly believe that IQ Laser is the best place to go if you are considering LASIK. Dr. Lin and his staff are professional, friendly, experienced and competent. They explain everything that is going on and they definitely make you feel comfortable throughout the whole process. It has been about 3 months since I've had my procedure done and I couldn't have been happier. I no longer have to wear glasses and I don't have to worry about my contacts drying out. Since I started wearing glasses when I was in 5th grade (2005), it still feels a bit surreal that I am back to 20/20 vision. I am forever grateful for Dr. Lin and his team. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job and more specifically thank you David, Steven, Dr. Richard, and Karen!

5 stars 5
So it's been a month since I've had my Lasik procedure done, and I can honestly say that deciding to get Lasik was one of the best decisions I've ever made. After 5-6 years of glasses and 10 or so years of Ortho-K, the idea of doing Lasik got more and more appealing. Waking up with one eye blurry or even both eyes blurry was just not cutting it for me anymore, so I made the decision to stop Ortho-K and switch to soft lens for awhile, getting my eyes stabilized while I debated over getting Lasik.I called IQ Laser knowing that Dr. Lin is one of the best in the Lasik field. I had heard from several friends that they had had their surgeries done here as well. With the surgeries becoming more and more popular, IQ Laser has expanded their offices into several areas - all of the Lasik surgeries are done at the City of Industry location, but follow-ups, consultations, etc. can be scheduled elsewhere.So the process - you call to make an appointment and the office will schedule you for a consultation. They will administer tests/give you information, etc. to make sure that your eyes are a good candidate for the Lasik surgery. Then you're able to talk about the financial aspects, other questions you might have, etc.. That part did feel a bit rushed for me; I originally had intended to scout out several places to see cost differences, but it seemed like once I was in the office, they wanted to schedule me for the Lasik as soon as possible. I think I was a little overwhelmed just because one minute I still had glasses on, and the next we were talking about the surgery. But the lifetime warranty they offer really sealed the deal for me.If you wear hard lens, you'll need to wear glasses for several weeks while for soft lens, you'll need to wear glasses for three days before the surgery.So the day of the surgery, you'll be given more forms, medicine to take, as well as more eye tests and exams. Dr. Lin will personally talk to you before the surgery to answer any last minute questions you might have.The overall procedure felt incredibly professional and well-timed. The staff and Dr. Lin worked in a seamless and flawless manner, counting down, responding to commands, answering questions, etc. that made me feel reassured. They prop your eye open, you stare at the red light, feel some pressure (a worker came over to hold my hand, which was really reassuring), they count down, you hear a loud sound, surgery is administered, and after several minutes one eye is finished. I was actually more nervous with my second eye because I had a better idea of what to expect. Luckily everything went smoothly, and I was in and out of the exam room in under 20 minutes.After the procedure is done, you wait several minutes before you're able to leave. They give you a sleeping pill to take so that you can immediately fall asleep. Right after the procedure, my eyes didn't hurt, but they definitely felt sensitive (like somebody was cutting onions and I couldn't help tearing up). I had on sunglasses and taped plastic glasses, but I could still feel that burning sensation. I was able to see the next day although there was still some blurriness. It takes up to 3 months for the procedure to stabilize, and luckily IQ Vision is there every step of the way - there's a check-up 1-2 days after the procedure, a week after, and then 3 months after.Overall, I feel super pleased with my decision to go with IQ Vision for my lasik surgery. The dynamics of the staff at all the offices was really nice - could tell they cared about the customers and really enjoy doing what they do. Even after the surgery, you have to continue to put eyedrops and antibacterial drops, as well as well the plastic glasses while you sleep to prevent yourself from accidentally rubbing your eyes. If you're considering LASIK surgery, I would definitely recommend IQ Vision. It's such a great feeling not having to take out contact lenses, deal with the headaches that come with wearing glasses, etc. The staff is there to help, so definitely ask away!

5 stars 5
It has been about 2 months since I've had my Lasik procedure done by Dr. Lin and his team and I couldn't have been happier! I was surprised that I recovered so quickly because I only had to sleep for around 10-12 hours post surgery and I woke up with perfect vision! I face the computer day in a day out since my profession is accounting so it is nice to not have to worry about getting dry eyes from contacts or having a heavy glasses frame rest on the bridge of my nose all day. I am also forever grateful that IQ laser vision is located in both LA and NorCal since my family is from LA but I live in SF because of work. This has made my scheduling accommodates very favorable tome. I definitely do not regret this decisions and I highly recommend it to anyone who is even remotely considering Lasik. Thank you IQ Laser Vision for the new vision!

5 stars 5
Excellent customer service! I am very happy with my vision! : )Robert T. Lin MD is the best!

5 stars 5
I went to both offices (City of Industry & Westminster) to accommodate appointment times. The staff are all very compassionate, kind, positive, supportive, caring, and professional. I felt welcomed as soon as they called me in. Christine consulted me and she was very informative and friendly. She was very honest and provided me with all the info I needed. Dr. Nguyen took care of my eye exams. The process was thoroughly explained - each and every aspect of the laser eye surgery; pre-op and post-op. The staff care about their patients so they, along with Dr. Lin, are strict and professional. I had my surgery done about a week ago and am very pleased with the results. Any question I have, they answer quick. #freedom from glasses and contacts! The price is very fair and you save a lot more money in the long run vs contact lenses. Get rid of all the annoyance! The surgery is very safe and smooth. Dr. Lin does all of the surgeries and he has been doing this for 15+ years.