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5 stars 5
I had SMILE surgery about one month ago performed by Dr Lin, awesome doctor! It was the best experience . IQ laser Vision provided a comfortable experience. The procedure was painless and quick.My result is great, as I can see 20/15 now. My recovery was amazing since I was able to see clear the next day. I didnt notice the dry eye syndrome like everyone speak of.In all, I couldnt have been more grateful. It is a life changing experience. I recommended this place to all my friends and family.Thank you IQ Laser Vision!

5 stars 5
The staffs and Dr. Lin were excellent. They answered all my questions and concerns. The survey was painless; took about 10 minutes for 2 eyes. I would recommend this place to my friends and family! My outdoor activities and daily work have changed drastically without glasses.

5 stars 5
My name is Charles Nguyen. I'm a professional dancer/choreographer and stage performer with The Kinjaz. I've been dancing with terrible eye sight for 13 years until I learned about IQ Laser Vision. They helped me with such hospitable care and knowledge that they turned a scared and nervous customer into an excited confident one. It's amazing because I was luckily enough to get my lasik due to my high stigmatism. But they were so thorough with my case that I was able to have a better understand of the situation in the first time in my life. BTW, the surgery was only like 15 mins so it was a breeze. After literally two days of my recovery I'm able to continue my life with clear vision to express my art and i'm in a better position to elevate my career as a dancer. So if you're thinking about getting it done, I highly recommend this institution.- Charles Ngyen

5 stars 5
My first visit to IQ Laser Vision was on June 22nd, 2019 at their Westminster office. I found IQ Laser Vision online and decided on them after reading positive reviews on Yelp and Google. I schedule a consultation for LASIK after becoming increasingly frustrated with contacts and glasses. I have been an avid gym goer for over a year and I enjoy other outdoor activities. Nothing is more annoying than having my glasses slide down to the tip of my nose when I have a barbell over my shoulders or having splashes of water to see through while I'm paddle boarding. Contacts always seemed to give me a headache and my vision was never as clear as with glasses. I also had an astigmatism in both eyes but only one needed a toric (weighted) lense. The weighted lense exhausted my one eye and always felt off.I was greeted with a warm welcome and offered a bottle of water during my consultation. They examined my eyes and let me know all of my options for LASIK. I went with laser LASIK but they do offer a newer technology called SMILE that creates a smaller incision in your eye, resulting in less down time. I thought they might push the more expensive SMILE procedure on me but they didn't. I put down a required $200 deposit and scheduled a pre-exam visit and the surgery. During the pre-exam they dialated my eyes and checked the overall health. They then provide very detailed exam instructions along with artificial tears and antibiotics. You are supposed to use both prior to the surgery. On surgery day you must have someone to drive you home. Before the procedure they check your eyes again and confirm the prescription. They have you sign a bunch of consent forms, which are honestly the scariest part because they detail all of the things that could go wrong and tell you that results are not guaranteed. One of the reasons I went with IQ Laser Vision is because they have no reported cases of vision loss in 25 years doing LASIK, so really these forms are just legalities. You watch a short video and then have a conversation with the surgeon who answers any last questions and explains how the process works during the procedure. The procedure itself lasts 15 minutes max once you lay down under the machine. They use numbing drops in my eyes which significantly decrease your reflex to blink. They also hold your eyes open with a rubber lined metal device so that you couldn't blink if you tried. The whole procedure feels fast and uncomfortable but not at all painful. I really appreciated the surgeon walking me through every step and counting down all of the uncomfortable parts. She constantly reassured me that I was doing great and what I was feeling and seeing was completely normal. After the procedure you stay in the waiting room for 10 minutes with your eyes closed before they give you plastic shields for your eyes and a pair of sunglasses. You can see immediately after although your eyes are watering prefusly. They explained that the burning and watering would be normal which was reassuring because my eyes were watering A LOT and uncontrollably. They give you sleeping pills to take home and instruct you to sleep immediately once you get home. I slept from 5pm the day of until 7am the next day. I woke up with pretty watery eyes and blurred vision but could already see clearly without glasses. I had a follow up visit at 10am and already read lines indicating 20/20 vision. My eyes aren't in pain buy there is a slight haze over my vision and it feels like I'm wearing a pair of slightly dirty contacts ( this is because the cornea needs to heal back to the surface of my eye). I am pretty amazed that I have these results so quickly! The follow up visit was nice because it reassured me that everything I am feeling is normal and my results are as they should be. I would recommend IQ Laser Vision to anyone considering LASIK! My entire experience has been positive from start to finish.

5 stars 5
The staff and medical team are all friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. I always feel well informed and secure about my procedures.