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5 stars 5
I went to both offices (City of Industry & Westminster) to accommodate appointment times. The staff are all very compassionate, kind, positive, supportive, caring, and professional. I felt welcomed as soon as they called me in. Christine consulted me and she was very informative and friendly. She was very honest and provided me with all the info I needed. Dr. Nguyen took care of my eye exams. The process was thoroughly explained - each and every aspect of the laser eye surgery; pre-op and post-op. The staff care about their patients so they, along with Dr. Lin, are strict and professional. I had my surgery done about a week ago and am very pleased with the results. Any question I have, they answer quick. #freedom from glasses and contacts! The price is very fair and you save a lot more money in the long run vs contact lenses. Get rid of all the annoyance! The surgery is very safe and smooth. Dr. Lin does all of the surgeries and he has been doing this for 15+ years.

5 stars 5
I had Lasik done on Christmas eve and it is the best christmas present ever. The staff and doctors at both Westminster office and the City of Industry office are very attentive and go above and beyond to answer any questions you have. I was a nervous wreck but knowing that i was in great care ease my anxiety tremendously. I highly highly recommend lasik for everyone who wants the freedom from contact lenses and glasses prison. Its a great feeling to see not only 20/20 but 20/15 2 days after the procedure. Thank you very much to the staff and the doctors at IQ Laser Vision. You are the best

5 stars 5
Thank you SO much, Dr. Lin, and to the rest of your staff for taking such great care of me from day 1. I don't think I've ever felt so comfortable at a medical office before. Everyone, including the front staff and technicians, were kind and treated every patient with respect. They answered every question that I had without sounding annoyed. Kelly was super funny and informative without being too pushy. Dr. Chen and Dr. Richard, the optometrists, were professional and personable. I was ecstatic when they told me that I was a great candidate for Lasik!Expect a lot of testing (which is a good thing) before the actual procedure. They gave me antibiotic drops and a box of lubricant eye drops to use. The staff went over the instructions a few times to make sure there was no confusion. I was instructed to not wear my contacts for at least 3 days before the day of the surgery.The procedure itself was very short. I can't believe it only takes Dr. Lin about 5 minutes for each eye! Skills!!!! I really appreciated the fact that he told me what he was about to do before doing it. It's funny because the only thing I remember saying to him during the whole thing was, "wow this is so weird" and he laughed and said, "I know, it's weird huh?" Oh and yes, there is a brief period during the procedure where everything would go dark for 5 seconds. Huge thanks to the assistant for holding my hand and counting down with me.I am actually writing this review only 2 days after my Lasik procedure. The recovery process hasn't been too bad. For the first few hours, I felt some discomfort and tearing, which I was told is normal. This is why they give you a sleeping pill and encourage you to sleep through the night. Also, expect to use a lot of eye drops to keep them moist! They schedule you for a post-op visit the next day to make everything is okay. My eyes feel almost back to normal and it honestly feels like a dream come true.Thank you, Dr. Lin and the rest of the staff at IQ Laser Vision! I will definitely keep spreading the word about my wonderful experience here!

5 stars 5
Best experience ever!! Would definitely recommend IQ Lasik and Dr. Lin forever!My vision wasn't terrible, but I struggled with driving and walking into stores because I was unable to see 7ft away from me, and so it would make me feel really anxious. Deciding to do Lasik was definitely tough! But my husband had done lasik before and it changed his life and convinced me that the procedure/process was really not a big deal. He was totally right!I was worried that I would suffer an anxiety attack during the procedure being unable to see/move, because I have claustrophobia from a really traumatic experience when I was little. However, during the surgery, Dr. Lin noticed that I was getting really anxious and he was really great at coaching me through it! Totally appreciated that, and I wasn't hit with an anxiety attack! He was super nice and observant and we had great conversation during my surgery to keep me calm.The surgery was a quick 10 min process, and recovery wasn't too bad either! They give you sleeping pills to help you just KO and recover. Everything was back to normal by the next day and it was the biggest thrill to be able to see, and have the Dr. confirm that I had 20/20 vision! I was ready to CRY.I feel like when people think of Lasik, they tend to freak out because of what they think happens to their eyeballs. But with Dr. Lin, and his team, you're definitely in THE BEST hands.The staff was really friendly and hospitable! They were also really nice and flexible with appointments and scheduling. I accidentally scheduled an appointment a little too early(I like my sleep), and they were super accommodating to change to a later time.So if you're on the fence about doing lasik. JUST DO IT. It'll be the best decision/change in your life ever! It's the biggest trip for me to not need to reach for my glasses, and to comfortably see 7ft away from me! So stoked to live the rest of my life actually being able to see clearly 🙂

5 stars 5
I had LASIK about a month ago and the staff was very professional and helpful. During the procedure, the staff made sure I was well informed about the surgery and the risks. My surgery was successful and I have had minimal side effects. The post surgery appointments were beneficial and helped speed my recovery along. The operation has been life changing and well worth it. I would recommend IQ Laser Vision to all my friends and family.