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5 stars 5
Very helpful and informative. Had a great experience and my eyesight is perfect

5 stars 5
IQ Laser Vision provides a wonderful experience for those looking to correct their vision once and for all. Their staff are amazing and genuinely happy to help you every step of the way. From the consultation, through the procedure, to the follow up, you can expect excellence and care. Dr. Lin is the best! He offered clear understanding of my specific case and made me at ease during the surgery. I had astigmatism in both eyes with a +4/+5 prescription to top it off - no doubt a difficult case. My friend had referred me about two years ago because he had a similar prescription and had gone through IQ. Hed told me it was the best decision of his life and that I needed to go in and at least see if it was right for me. After visiting IQ, I can finally see more clearly than I ever have with glasses or contacts. I dont know why I waited so long. Thank you IQ!

5 stars 5
I first wore glasses in the 3rd grade and finally after 20+ years I can open my eyes and see without glasses. I was planning on getting Lasik eye surgery for a while now and finally got it. Don't know why I waited so long to get the procedure done. The preop went smoothly and the whole process was explained in great detail which put to rest any doubts that I had. Day of the surgery, the surgeon explain the process and answered any last minute questions I had and the procedure went on without a hitch. I want to thank IQ Laser Vision for making my dream to see without the use of glasses or contacts come true and I can't have asked for any better service or care.

5 stars 5
It was a wonderful experience at IQ Laser Vision in 2016. Thank you!

5 stars 5
If your looking into getting your vision corrected.IQ LASER is the place. All the staff guide you threw the process. More then anything. They help you calm your nerves before surgery. After all youll able to get your vision back. Thats the best gift. Thank you!