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5 stars 5
It has been about a week since I have gone through with the Lasik procedure, and all I have to say about IQ Laser Vision are great things. Becky Nguyen, the Guest Relations Manager, was awesome and gives you a great run-down with everything you need to know. The Optometrist, Dr. Uyen Nguyen was also great and patient with making sure your eyes are healthy and qualified to proceed with the surgery. Dr. Erica Liu was the one who performed the surgery, and she was so awesome. She talks you through the entire process with what she's doing and makes you feel so calm and comfortable during the entire surgery.The consultation, procedure, and healing process was a breeze. They give you everything you need for pre-op and post-op (eye drops, sleeping pills, etc.). I went to both the Westminster and the City of Industry locations, and both facilities were beautiful, clean, and professional.Thank you to all of the staff for your kindness! The rumors are true, getting Lasik surgery is truly life changing :)I 100% recommend IQ Laser Vision and their amazing team.

5 stars 5
Dr Lin is the man! He also has the greatest staff in the industry!!

5 stars 5
The lasik experience with them was very pleasant and professional from start to finish.Everything was explained very thoroughly about the steps before and after the procedure and the surgery itself.The surgeon on the day of the surgery was very through and the all the machines used for Lasik was state of the art.Very satisfied with the whole experience and definitely will recommend to anyone who needs Lasik.

5 stars 5
The staff was welcoming and professional. I would recommend to family and friends. 5 stars!

5 stars 5
I went in for my free consultation 3 weeks ago. After confirming that i'm a qualified candidate, I proceeded to book the procedure, which was on August 11. Since day one, all the staff were very nice and helpful with everything.The day of my procedure I checked in and some routine last tests were done and then straight to the waiting room I went. There was one person in ahead of me so I waited about 30-40min until it was my turn.The only part of the procedure I was nervous during was when the cornea was being cut, but the nurse was very comforting during this part for both eyes as there was pressure on the eye as well as a moment of darkness. The nurse guided me step by step so I knew what to expect and she was right by my side holding my hand. Without her there I think I would have freaked out.After the procedure I felt pressure and discomfort but I think it was natural. I went straight home, took the sleeping pill which was provided, and after 4-5hrs I woke up and felt okay, almost back to normal.By the next day I definitely felt back to normal and I was able to see clearly from the second I woke up! It was an amazing feeling not having to worry about getting my glasses or putting on contacts before being able to see.I'm very glad I chose Dr. Lin and his team.