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5 stars 5
I would like to thank doctor Lin and all the staffs for their professionalism and for making me feel so at ease before, during and after my surgery. Doctor Lin is an exceptional surgeon and his assistants are extremely well trained. They had made this a wonderful experience and a positive life changing result for me. I highly recommend IQ Laser Vision LASIK. My sincere thanks to Doctor Lin and his wonderful staffs.

5 stars 5
I just got LASIK two days ago and I can already see so well! The procedure was easy. The staff here are incredible. They are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I felt very well supported and well taken care of here! Every single staff was very warm and welcoming. I highly recommend IQ Laser Vision!

5 stars 5
Very friendly and helpful staff.

5 stars 5
Very nice. Not the cheapest, but I'd be a little scared to penny pinch on my own eyes.

5 stars 5
The entire staff from beginning to the end was all professional. Free consultation and no obligation. I was really hesitant at first after over 30 yrs of wearing glasses. Now, I do not need them any more. I still need to wait for at least 1-3 months to see 100% clear again. I have blended vision, so it is not really perfect, but, i think i can manage it w/out glasses. The surgery was a breeze. I was a little nervous about the entire procedure, but the staff did a good job of keeping me calm and I really appreciative of their effort. Dr Lin performed the surgery for me. Dr Lin is very nice and did a wonderful job.