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5 stars 5
I came from Reno NV, traveled all the way to southern Ca just to go see DR.Lin for my lasik,my experienced was phenomenal,Beyond amazing! Very satisfied with what I just got done. Within only two days of my procedure, my eye sight came back like as if I had 20/20 vision to start with. The staff there are beyond amazing, really friendly and helpful. the Doctors are very caring and took their time in helping their patients, step by step they explained everything clearly how to treat and care our eyes after the procedure. I will highly recommend this place to other people if they needed their lasik done. You get what you paid for and this is definitely what I paid for and I am very satisfied with my decision. Worth my traveling! Thankyou again to al the doctors and the staff there whom helped me through everything. -Ann Pham

5 stars 5
Worth all the money! I love that I don't need to wear glasses anymore. I can see better and I'm glad I got lasik done 🙂

5 stars 5
Was extremely glad I chose to get my LASIK eye surgery with the IQ Laser Vision team! They reassured me that the procedure was safe and affordable, and I definitely felt that from the entire team during the entire process. It's only been a day and I am already enjoying the benefits of the LASIK surgery. I recommend the IQLV team to ANYONE that is considering eye surgery to correct their vision, you definitely won't regret it!

5 stars 5
Absolutely amazing! Didn't hurt at all! They even give you a sleeping pill for afterwards!

5 stars 5
IQ Laser Vision is top notch in regards to the staff and doctors. They are overall a very professional and accommodating group who do their best to ensure patient comfort throughout the entire process. Everything there is top of the line and first rate. There is no fear of blindness and this is a permanent treatment that should not have any repercussions as long as the patient follows through both pre- and post-operative instructions. Everything is explained thoroughly to ensure your well-being and to manage your anxiety. Finally, IQ Vision provides a service that is not exclusive to the wealthy. They have a very flexible and manageable payment plan.