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5 stars 5
I've been wearing glasses for ~16 years, and I decided to get laser eye surgery. I found this place off of a friend's recommendation. Great experience! Had the surgery last Friday and have been seeing clearly since.STAFF: very friendly and thorough. Front desk greeted me and technicians were all friendly. Manager was great and answered any questions I had. Dr. Tran and Dr. Phan were excellent. They gave me everything I needed in preparation for the surgery - eye drops/sunglasses/goggles for sleepingPROCEDURE: I did the SMILE procedure. It was very quick. Almost an hour or so. There was a bit of tension during the procedure but it was bearable.RECOVERY: very fast recovery. As they said, within 2 days.COST: found it affordable especially bc they offer a payment plan optionI'm happy with the results

5 stars 5
IQ Laser Vision staff, doctor, and surgeon were friendly, professional, thorough, with good understanding of their field and did an outstanding job on my LASIK eye correction. I had a very good experience and recommend this office for your eye correction needs. The outcome of my blended vision procedure was very satisfactory.

5 stars 5
Very good feeling, the whole team is very professional and patient, thank you very much

5 stars 5
I had my ICL surgery done by Dr. Lin 3 days ago, and I am really happy that I have made the right decision. The whole process starting from the consultation, prep work, numerous exams till the surgery was thorough but painless and well executed.First of all, I live in Dublin, CA and had to fly in and had the surgery done in Rowland Heights. During my consultation session in Dublin, Amber Li ran some exams and patiently walked my through my options (in which ICL was my only option due to my cornea thickness and high prescription). From the consultation experience, I can already tell the difference between IQ Vision and those that I consult with before. They are really thorough to ensure everything is done right. Up till the surgery, Dr. Lin's associates (Dr. Tran and Dr. Feng) in Cupertino had been explaining things and running exams on me to prep me up for the surgery and ensure things and measurements are correct. Thanks a lot for that as I feel assured that they exercised due diligence to ensure my surgery was done right.I flied in the day before surgery day and lived in Best Western Inn hotel right across the surgery center (less than 5 mins walk), which is convenient. On the surgery day (and the ICL surgery always starts around 8:30am), they ran some tests again prior to the surgery and you will take some pills to deal with potential pain and eye pressure. The surgery itself (done by Dr. Lin) actually took like 5-10 mins per one eye and I was amazed by how painless it was (literally I didn't feel like anything was being cut or pinched during the process :)). After that, the doctors ran more exams to ensure the surgery was done right and I was done at around 11:30am.I went back to the hotel and took a sleeping pill and nap for about 6 hours, and when I wake up, I could already tell the difference in my vision. You will find text in a cell phone (something close) blurry but you can see something pretty clear on tv (a bit further). However, I didn't feel any pain at all in my eyes. In fact, I watched tv till 11pm before I took another eye pressure pill (as instructed) and slept through the night with the protective plastic patch they provided you after the surgery.When I wake up the next morning, the vision had become even better. The blurry vision on close things was gone, and I was also able to see everything up close pretty clear. After that I went for my post surgery checkup and the Dr. Lin did more exams to ensure things are still good and I flied back to SF after that.The surgery is really life changing. I had very bad vision prior, but I can really see things now without worrying where my glasses are and do outdoor sports without having to worry about how to deal with glasses. And all that thanks to Dr Lin, Dr. Tran, Dr Feng, Amber Li and all the staff who had been prepping and finally executing the surgery. The idea of having a surgery on your eye might be worrying, but after going through it myself, I realized that it is the same or better than the experience that I had when I skydive, which is, it is actually much safer than you thought, as long as you follow instructions before and after, and more importantly, enjoy the view after that. For that, I really recommend IQ Vision.

5 stars 5
It's been almost a year since my PRK procedure. My vision is stable. I left a yelp review shortly after I had my procedure if anyone reading this is interested in my experience with PRK. Been going to the follow-up appointments to monitor the health of my eyes. The staff is genuinely looking after you. I can't recommend this place enough.