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5 stars 5
I could not be happier with my results , really professional, answered all my questions with patient

5 stars 5
My boyfriend and I decided to have LASIK so we decided on going in for a consultation. From the moment we walked in, the service was A1. The place itself is immaculate and everyone is so attentive. We had our consultation after a few eye tests and then proceeded to speak with Danielle, one of the counselors to go over the process and the price. She answered all of our questions without hesitation. Surgery day came and Dr. Robert Lin performed both my boyfriend and Is surgery. My boyfriend had the SMILE procedure, and I had LASIK. We are so excited and could not be happier with our new eyes! Dr. Lin made it so comfortable for us and answered all of our questions as well. If you are thinking of getting LASIK come here you will not regret it!! The entire team is amazing! I didnt get our optometrist name, but she was amazing as well! Thank you, IQ!

5 stars 5
Upon arrival the front desk is so welcoming. All staff truly. I felt comfortable while taking each eye exam, photo. I was given options as to what fit best for me. The surgeon (Dr. Pham) was amazing. He came in and let me know step by step what would happen and what to expect. I went in feeling relaxed because of that. He also spoke to me during the procedure letting me know how it was going and what would be coming up next. I 100000% recommend the procedure Smile. I am so happy with the results. Im still recovering (1 week post surgery) and so far so good!The location itself is so clean and aesthetically welcoming. Parking is available out front without a problem.

5 stars 5
Such a great experience with Tracy Ellis Eye. Ive been wearing contacts/glasses for about 15years and its has been a dream of mine to get lasik surgery. I didnt know much of the procedure and was always scared of the idea of getting surgery on my eyes. But with the help of Tracy Ellis Eye staff and especially with Marleny, they made my dreams come true. I had a set idea to get this surgery on my birthday and with short notice, the team made quick adjustments to accommodate me. Thank you so much to everyone!

5 stars 5
I got my consultation on April 28 and scheduled my SMILE procedure on May 1st. Everything happened so fast and I am so glad that I have gotten my SMILE surgery. I know friends & colleagues who have gotten lasik from this location and everyone recommends getting it.Before getting the SMILE procedure, I wear my glasses almost everyday even during my workout classes. During my workout classes, my glasses were annoying because they would glide on my face up and down. Even, when I'm eating hot pot, the smoke would fogged up my glasses and I would have to wipe the lenses to see. Sometimes, I would wear contacts too but those would dried up my eyes.During the consultation day, the staff and Dr. Grace were really friendly and helpful. They ran a couple of different tests to see if I was qualify for the lasik procedure. After doing all the different vision tests, I met with Dr. Grace who did the last test to see if my eyes were healthy. She answered all my questions that I had on the lasik procedures and aftermath of the surgery. After seeing the doctor, they arrange a laser vision specialist to talk about the procedure and payments details . Danielle was my laser vision specialist, she went into detail about the difference between lasik and smile. She was very friendly and had a sense of humor which made me feel at ease when choosing which procedure to do.Up until the Smile procedure day, I was not feeling anxious but once I was at the office, my anxiety started to kick in. I was shaking while waiting for the doctor. Dr. Erica Liu came in and went over the procedure. She had a really calming voice that actually helps my anxiety go away. Dr. Liu made sure I was feeling calm before my procedure and gave me an anti anxiety pill in case if I needed it. The procedure was probably less than 5 mins per eyes. Dr. Liu talked throughout the process of what was going on.After that, I was able to go home and sleep throughout the night. The day after my eyes were a little hazy from staring at the computer screen but other than that I do not see any halos or glare. I do see 80% of my vision but I can't wait for them to heal so I can see 20/20.Remember to follow the instructions for the antibiotics and artificial tear eye drops before the surgery day. Honestly, I wished that I've gotten the SMILE procedure sooner so I can see 20/20.