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5 stars 5
Everyone in my family wore glasses. Sure enough after elementary school, I started wearing glasses, in high school/college - contact lenses. I didn't take care of my eyes. I wore contacts that were dropped on the floor, expired, and even slept in my contacts sometimes. I knew my eyes were bad, gosh....I couldn't even see my alarm clock unless right smack in front of my face. How sad, how depressing, I was a minus 900. This was until literally I was born-again, Dr. Lin gave me the chance! Since my surgery in 2002, my eyes are still 20/20. It's a lifestyle change. Protect your eyes, you only have one pair. Wear sunglasses, use eye drops, don't strain your eyes, give yourself breaks in front of the computer. And do not read or use your ipad, phone in the dark. Go see Dr. Lin and his staff, experience counts.

5 stars 5
Ive been wearing glasses since I was 12 years old. Whenever I would do sports, especially soccer and running I would have to buy sport glasses or not wear them at all. This was a huge problem for me. As I grew older I started wearing contacts but they would always get dry when I ran and it was just a bother., and when I didnt wear contacts or glasses it would just put me a disadvantage while playing soccer because I could literally not see who I was passing the ball too. When I was running the same problem occurred as I just saw blurry throughout my runs and it just felt weird and unnatural. Finally at the end of last year I decided to research ways to fix this problem. I had heard about lasik before when I used to go to my optometrist for new glasses and I always thought it was expensive or it wasnt for me since it just seem to good to be true and to good to be cheap. However, as I did more research I found out it was somewhat affordable even on my budget, being a part time worker going to college. I started visiting various lasik offices throughout southern California I finally landed in Dr.Lins office in City of Industry. The first time I went into a consultation, I had already decided that I was going to have my lasik here if I had the money to do it. The whole staff was super friendly and overall you could see that they all like working there. The wait time was a little long but it was definitely worth it. On my consultation date I had my own counselor in charge of my case, unlike some other offices I visited before. I asked the counselor that day if I could meet Dr. Lin and she complied with my request but advice me that it would be a little while since he was busy doing surgeries. Overall, my first consultation was such an eye opener and I felt really taken care of that I decided that I was going to have my lasik with Dr.Lin. On my surgery day my family came to accompany me and throughout the procedure Dr.Lin was explaining what he was doing as well as the technicians outside were explaining to my family what was happening to me as they look at my operation through a video camera. That was awesome! My overall experience was phenomenal and I owe it all to Dr. Lin and his staff! Now when I run or play soccer there is no restrictions for my vision and I can see 20/20. I cant remember how wearing glasses feels like and it is amazing!

5 stars 5
I had my 1st consultation with 2 other friends of mine back in March 2015. It was a great experience! I wanted to get Lasik but wasn't really ready until recently. So, I went back for a 2nd consultation in late August 2015 and was ready for my micro-Lasik surgery on September 4, 2015. What an amazing experience!! The entire staff and Dr. LIN were very professional, courteous, and caring to my needs. I have done a lot of research on Lasik and read many reviews about other laser surgery centers. I chose IQ Laser Vision because another friend of mine had a procedure done last year with outstanding results! Secondly, I chose Dr. LIN due to his U.S. patented micro-Lasik procedure which is less invasive and faster healing!You get personal care and attention at IQ Laser Vision. Dr. LIN personally calls up every patient in the evening the day of the surgery to check up on you! His office is always busy but you will get their undivided attention.IQ Laser Vision is the top choice as you can see with other Yelp reviews. My decision to go with Dr. LIN for a medical procedure was the best decision I have ever made! You get 5 star treatment and care at IQ Laser Vision! I cannot express enough what a life changing experience this is for me.First impression is always important to me (especially when chosing a medical provider). Check out IQ Laser Vision for yourself and see why this is a top-notch facility!A BIG THANKS to Dr. ROBERT LIN and RICHARD LIN + the entire staff at IQ Laser Vision!!

5 stars 5
I got my first Epi-Lasik treatment done in March of 2011 with Dr. Ellis in the San Jose offices (on Moorpark Ave). My first encounter in the offices was in February of 2011 with Marleny, whom is still with Dr. Ellis as I write this! Marleny was and is so very enthusiastic about the procedure, and I learned why that year...I was unable to get it done in February due to a car accident but I made the decision in February to get it done in March. The build-up was more than intense, but the procedure itself felt like it took less than 10 minutes; it was SO FAST! There was no pain, only bright lights and friendly voices to walk you the procedure. It was done faster than I could even be concerned about anything! They helped me off of the 'table' and away I went. I couldn't believe how quick and painless it was!Of course, there was a little pain awhile after the procedure, but the doctor prepares you for all of that (Do not forget your meds, they're life savers!!!!!). I took the pain pills, did all of the eye drops as I was supposed to, and I ENDED UP WITH 20/15 VISION!! BETTER THAN PERFECT VISION!!! I couldn't believe it!!!It is now August of 2015, and I needed to go in to get a 'touch-up' procedure because of some seeing issues with my left eye. Marleny is still there and was as happy and WONDERFUL as ever!! They told me my right eye was just fine, so that saved me money and some extra after-surgery pain. I am now healing from my touch-up, and just 1 day after the surgery I already have 20/30 vision. I expect to come out of this with at minimum 20/20 vision, but hopefully 20/15 again, or better!I sincerely want to thank Marleny and the ENTIRE staff in the San Jose offices with Dr. Ellis. I don't think the staff changed much, or at all, from my last visit, which means Dr. Ellis runs an awesome workplace. They are an amazing team, they make you feel welcome every time you go in, they're always helpful over the phone if you have questions, they comforted me though the process (they'll do the same for you), and they truly seem happy to be taking care of you. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for everything you have done for me and continue to do for me!!! I will see you next week to get my bandaid contact removed :-)Love always,Thomas Gastanaga

5 stars 5
My husband John Villanueva had eye surgery in 2013 & July 13,2015. John did not think that he would be able to see clearly 20/20 vision again, but THANKS to Dr, Ellis and his staff, Joel, Raquel, Bobbie, Debra, Paul and Marleny took good care of him from start to finish. We are so HAPPY WE CHOSE DR. ELLIS TO DO MY HUSBAND's SURGERY. We HIGHLY recommend if you need the BEST eye Doctor here in the Bay Area MUST go to see Dr. Ellis. You will be well taken care of from start to finish. THANK YOU AGAIN DR. ELLIS AND STAFF!!!!John & Johnna