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Reading Vision

Woman with eyeglasses reading the newspaperWhat is Reading Vision?

All people will experience difficulty reading, usually beginning in their 40s. Your eye has a lens, which “accommodates” or changes shape so that you can see at near distances. With presbyopia, light from a near object enters the eye, the cornea refracts the light and the lens changes shape to accommodate the decreased focal length of a near object.

This is exactly the same process that occurs when focusing your camera on a near object. Unfortunately, this lens within the eye, as it ages, loses its ability to focus for us and we need reading glasses or bifocals. The most popular solution in the past for presbyopia has been bifocals or reading glasses.

NearVision CK® is now a procedure that can solve this problem. Alternatively, monovision LASIK or refractive lens exchange (RLE) may be a solution. In the future, the AcuFocus corneal inlay or scleral expansion procedure of Dr. Schachar may be approved by the FDA for presbyopia.

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