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Common Questions

How do I know if NearVision CK® is right for me?

Ellis Eye Laser & Medical Center will offer a vision correction consultation to accurately determine your visual needs. Our doctors will only suggest this procedure if it is right for you and your issue can be corrected. Because the doctors at Ellis Eye Laser & Medical Center are on the cutting edge of technology we have various options for vision correction. Ellis Eye Laser & Medical Center will offer only the best and safest solution possible for your vision needs.

Is there any pain associated with NearVision CK®?

The NearVision CK® procedure is described as painless. During the procedure, a speculum helps hold your eye open. Patients will feel the pressure of this speculum. Some patients have slight discomfort, and often a foreign body sensation in the eye after the procedure. Patients should be advised that complete vision correction might take several weeks healing to reach the final correction.

Do I need to stay over in a hospital to undergo NearVision CK?

No, NearVision CK® is an outpatient procedure performed right in our clinic. The procedure usually takes less than five minutes. No hospital stay is required!

What complications can occur after the procedure?

After surgery, there may be some mild discomfort, which can be alleviated with drops or analgesics. Be cautious to avoid water in your eyes immediately after the procedure and make sure not to get any shampoo in your eyes for several weeks after the procedure.

Does health insurance cover vision correction surgery?

Not usually, since this is vision correction surgery and considered elective. Most insurance does not cover the NearVision CK® procedure. If the procedure cost is an issue, please consult our vision correction coordinators for information regarding financing options.