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What’s Your Vision For 2020?

It’s the perfect time to start seeing the world in a whole new light … A world that’s meant to be seen with sharp, 20/20 vision!

Welcome to the world of LASIK at Ellis Eye, the premiere choice for preserving, protecting and correcting the Bay Area’s vision for 35 years. Ellis Eye offers the highest rating of surgery, technology, and service for correcting your vision. With a new year quickly approaching, there’s no better way to start off 2019.

For a limited time, Ellis Eye is offering 50% Off LASIK … but the savings don’t end there! Combine this offer with your Flex Spending Account (FSA) to enjoy Tax-Free LASIK.

It’s the perfect time to start seeing the world as it was meant to be seen … with clear, natural vision. So don’t wait. Call us at 1-800-SEE-SHARP or just fill out the form to claim this offer at one of our seven Bay Area locations.

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** Discount may vary according to type of lasik surgery, amount of astigmatism and amount of correction needed. May not qualify for discounts. At discretion of doctor and if deemed to be eligible.