Is LASIK Worth It?

LASIK has been the vision correction procedure of choice for many people for many years. Even though the surgery is incredibly popular, many people still have concerns about the safety, the cost, and the results. 

The LASIK procedure has an exceptionally high satisfaction and success rating. People that have had LASIK surgery almost always agree that LASIK is absolutely worth it.

Keep reading to learn if LASIK is worth it!

Is LASIK Safe?

The first concern people often have about LASIK is whether or not it is safe to have. After all, your eyes are a very important part of your body. 

Any procedure involving your eyes can be intimidating, but LASIK is actually one of the safest eye surgeries you can have. Of the millions who have gotten LASIK, over 95% of them are happy with their results. 

LASIK is also safe because of the technology used during the procedure and the training required for LASIK surgeons. Eye doctors need to meet their own set of qualifications to be trusted to perform LASIK. 

Years of training and research are required to specialize in vision correction surgery. The best doctors use modern laser tech guided by computer software to deliver ultimate precision.    

Serious complications from the LASIK procedure are very rare, making LASIK both safe and effective. A big part of what makes LASIK safe is the candidacy requirements. 

Who Is a Good Candidate For LASIK?

LASIK is not the best vision correction procedure for everyone. In order to schedule LASIK surgery, you will first need to qualify as a candidate for the procedure. 

You will need to fit strict criteria to ensure you have the best chance at success. Some factors that your eye doctor may consider when determining whether or not you may be a LASIK candidate are:

Your Age

If you are too young, it can throw off the results when your eyes change.

Your Eye Health

Eye diseases or injuries can affect how well you heal from the surgery.

Whether or Not You Have a Stable Glasses Prescription

Your eye doctor will likely want you to have a stable prescription for at least a year prior to LASIK surgery. If your vision is fluctuating before the procedure, LASIK may not be as effective, and you may not see as well after the procedure.

Is LASIK Expensive?

LASIK is undoubtedly not cheap, but it also shouldn’t be. For LASIK to be safe, eye doctors invest in technology and training to ensure the procedure is as safe as possible. 

Although the price may seem steep at first, LASIK can actually be an excellent financial investment. LASIK is permanent, which means after you get it, you won’t have to spend as much money replacing glasses or contacts. 

Over a few years, you can save enough to make the surgery pay for itself, and then some. This also means that getting LASIK sooner is a better financial decision than putting it off until later. 

You can break down the cost of LASIK into manageable monthly payments. Instead of dropping thousands of dollars all at once, you can budget appropriately. 

Most people are able to completely pay off their surgery in as little as two years!

How to Reduce the Cost of LASIK

There are also ways to reduce the cost of LASIK. You might have access to a flexible spending account through your employer. 

This account lets you set aside money and spend it on healthcare costs like LASIK. The money you put into the account is not taxed, so you can easily save hundreds of dollars. 

If you don’t have a flexible spending account through your job, you might find out if you can get a health savings account from your bank. In either case, you need to learn precisely how they work. 

Certain limits, deadlines, and fees might apply. Be sure to know the details of your plans before you use them.    

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?

The biggest reason why LASIK is worth it is the results. LASIK has repeatedly proven that it can consistently restore high-quality vision.

One of the most significant benefits of LASIK is that it provides incredible visual freedom. After LASIK, you will be able to reduce your dependence on contact lenses and glasses drastically.

LASIK is an excellent option for athletes and individuals who love to be outdoors. It improves depth perception and color contrast. 

It also prevents you from dealing with foggy lenses or dried-out contacts. Whether you are looking to be more competitive or you want to see the world clearly, LASIK can help. 

Why Should I Choose LASIK?

Having clear and crisp vision at all times is complete visual freedom. The feeling of safety and security, knowing that you don’t need to fumble around for glasses or worry about losing your contacts, is freeing. 

After LASIK, many people find themselves waking up feeling more refreshed, thanks to no longer having blurry vision. If you enjoy traveling, the experience will be even more enjoyable without the fear of forgetting contact solution or breaking your glasses in a foreign land. 

It’s normal to be cautious about any type of procedure, especially ones that aren’t strictly necessary. However, vision after LASIK can be life-changing. 

While every surgery has its risks, statistics show that LASIK is one of the best choices you can make for your eyesight. 

Are you ready to start your LASIK journey? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Ellis Eye & Laser Medical Center in San Jose, CA, to determine if you are a candidate for LASIK so you can be on your way to great vision!