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Are You a Candidate for Refractive Lens Exchange?

Refractive lens exchange offers individuals with vision issues a solution to their problems with a single surgical procedure. This type of surgery combines the procedural steps of cataract surgery with the treatment benefits of laser eye surgery. Your eye doctor might recommend this procedure if you suffer from multiple eyesight concerns.

Unlike laser eye surgery, which normally addresses only a single refractive error, refractive lens exchange can eliminate vision problems at both long and short distances. Because refractive lens exchange replaces the lenses with artificial devices, it may also be an option if you have refractive errors coupled with cataracts. You might also want to ask your eye doctor about this procedure if you have previously been disqualified from laser eye surgery due to thin corneas.

Ellis Eye & Laser Medical Center can help you enjoy clear vision within days of treatment. If you would like to learn more about the refractive lens exchange process, call us today at (800) 733-7427. Our locations in San Francisco, Walnut Creek, El Cerrito, San Jose, and Roseville offer multiple lens surgery and laser eye surgery options for individuals with vision problems.

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Protecting Your Vision from Dry Eyes and Fatigue

For all their benefits, many modern conveniences can significantly affect the health of your eyes. This video discusses how computers in particular can contribute to dry eyes and fatigue.

Most people blink approximately 20 times in the course of 60 seconds. That rate drops significantly when sitting in front of a computer. In some cases, blinking rates can decrease to just eight times a minute. As a result, computer usage can dry the eyes because they are bathed less frequently in natural tears. It can also tire the eyes if they are focused on a computer screen for hours at a time. To prevent these problems, eye doctors recommend looking away from computer screens every 20 minutes.

Ellis Eye & Laser Medical Center offers vision solutions for your eyesight problems. Call our Marin County location today at (800) 733-7427 to learn more about our services.


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What Is Wavefront LASIK?

For many years, LASIK surgery has allowed individuals with refractive errors to see clearly without contact lenses or glasses. However, this procedure typically takes into account only the general properties of patients’ vision issues. As software and laser technology have improved, however, so too have the means by which eye doctors can correct refractive errors. Wavefront LASIK is one such result of enhanced surgical software and equipment.


What sets wavefront LASIK apart from its traditional counterpart is its ability to specialize treatment according to the needs of each patient. Conventional LASIK procedures provided treatment based only on whether a patient suffered from astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness. Wavefront LASIK takes into consideration the full range of vision concerns that a patient may have. By creating a treatment plan based upon the individualized imaging of a patient’s eyes, an eye doctor can provide more precise care with wavefront LASIK technology.


Though wavefront LASIK surgery improves upon traditional refractive error treatment options, patients may notice little difference when sitting in the doctor’s chair. LASIK surgery has always been a procedure characterized by comfort and convenience. Wavefront LASIK is no different. Patients undergoing surgery can typically be done with treatment in less than an hour.


Like traditional LASIK surgery, wavefront LASIK allows recipients to enjoy clear vision without having to wear contact lenses or glasses. However, this procedure can also eliminate some of the minor side effects that at times result from conventional LASIK surgery. In particular, wavefront LASIK can diminish the halo effect that some LASIK patients experience on occasion. It can also lessen the incidence of glare. Eye doctors note that this type of procedure can improve a person’s ability to see clearly at night as well.

Ellis Eye & Laser Medical Center is proud to offer wavefront LASIK for our patients in the greater San Jose, San Francisco, El Cerrito, Roseville, Walnut Creek, and Marin County communities. To learn more about this procedure, call (800) 733-7427. You can also visit our website for more information on this treatment option, as well as our other surgical services for cataracts and refractive errors.


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The Benefits of Choosing LASIK Surgery for Vision Correction

Have years of wearing glasses or contacts taken their toll on your patience? Do you want to be forever free of vision aids? If so, you might want to consider LASIK surgery. This vision correction procedure has been available to the public for more than a decade and has provided countless recipients with the clear eyesight they desire. You too can enjoy sharp vision at all distances with this simple and safe treatment option. The following benefits highlight some of the advantages you can expect when you undergo LASIK surgery. 

High Convenience
The idea of having to get surgery might conjure up misconceptions about the length of the procedure. As many former LASIK patients can verify, though, this procedure comes with minimal disruption to your everyday schedule. The procedure itself takes only minutes to complete, no matter whether one or both eyes undergo treatment. Most patients are awake during their surgeries and can leave within an hour of getting them.

Minimal Complications
Technological advancements have made traditional scalpel incisions unnecessary during LASIK surgery. Now, laser energy can do the job with precision and ease. As a result, patients typically experience fewer side effects from their surgeries. The incidence of infection, dryness, and pain is extremely low due to the innovative steps used to complete this type of treatment.

Rapid Results
Best of all, LASIK surgery can provide a swift outcome for those who receive it. Though it may take a few weeks for the eyes to fully recover from the procedure, corrected vision often results within days of surgery. That means patients can quickly resume their normal activities with perfectly clear vision. Many of them never again need to use their glasses or contacts as well.

Experience for yourself the benefits that wavefront LASIK surgery can provide. To speak with a representative about the LASIK surgery services at Ellis Eye & Laser Medical Center, call (800) 733-7427. Our staff of vision experts can explain in further detail the steps of LASIK surgery and ways that it can improve your vision. For your convenience, we offer our vision correction treatment options at each of our Marin County, El Cerrito, San Jose, San Francisco, Roseville, and Walnut Creek locations.

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Ellis Eye & Laser Medical Center! Don't eat too much candy and stay safe!

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New Videos on our YouTube Channel!

We've just added several new videos to our YouTube page! Be sure to check them all out!

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Benefits of Monovision

Presbyopia, a condition that prevents unhindered eyesight at close range, typically demands that sufferers resort to wearing glasses or contact lenses to correct their vision. Though they may see better, individuals with these aids might not be able to swim, run, or dress as they would like. That’s why eye surgeons have perfected a procedure called Monovision that can eliminate the symptoms of presbyopia and complications of traditional treatment options. The following information highlights the benefits that recipients can expect after receiving Monovision care.

Clear Vision at All Distances
Monovision is a type of LASIK surgery that alters vision capabilities in both eyes. To allow patients completely clear eyesight no matter the subject of their attention, Monovision provides unobstructed distance vision in one eye and unimpeded close eyesight in the other. Both aspects of the procedure are done with laser vision correction techniques that safely alter the shape of the cornea in each eye. Prior to undergoing this treatment option, though, patients typically test their capabilities with contact lenses. Because the eyes must learn how to reconcile their vision abilities, it can take some time to achieve clear eyesight. Some people can achieve this aptitude better than others. An eye surgeon deems a patient fit for Monovision surgery only after he has successfully completed the trial treatment with contact lenses.

No Need for Contact Lenses or Glasses
One primary reason why patients choose to undergo Monovision surgery is to avoid a lifetime of having to wear glasses or contact lenses. Glasses can restrict involvement in a number of sports and physical activities. Contact lenses can do the same. In addition, contact lenses can become uncomfortable to wear should they irritate the eye surface. Monovision surgery eliminates the inconveniences of these devices.

Ellis Eye & Laser Medical Center is happy to offer Monovision surgical services for our patients in Corte Madera, El Cerrito, San Jose, Walnut Creek, Roseville, and San Francisco. We also offer traditional laser eye surgery options for those with myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism. Call (800) 733-7427 for more information.

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"It Was a Truly Wonderful Experience And I Am Grateful"

It was a real good experience, I went home after my surgery and rested for 24 hours. When I woke up at 4:30 AM the following day I could not believe the clarity of my vision, it was so clear, it was like a miracle. I could finally drive without the need to wear glasses. It was a truly wonderful experience and I am grateful.

Martinez CA

Reviewed on Ellis Eye LASIK Testimonials at 10/1/13

Reviewed by Oscar B. of Martinez CA

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An Introduction to Wavefront Technology

The introduction of laser eye surgery forever changed the way that people could see. Instead of relying on glasses or contact lenses, individuals with refractive errors could enjoy clear vision with a simple and short outpatient procedure. Recent advancements in this medical field now allow for even better eyesight for eligible candidates. Wavefront technology through Custom LASIK can provide highly individualized refractive error treatment.

What It Is
Wavefront technology is a tool that eye surgeons use to identify any vision issues that a patient may have prior to undergoing LASIK surgery. By using a computer program that carefully scans each eye, an eye surgeon can make surgical modifications to enhance vision before the patient actually undergoes LASIK surgery.

How the Procedure Works
Patients who receive Custom LASIK may not detect a difference in their treatment as compared to those who receive traditional LASIK surgery. Once the surgeon prepares the laser eye surgery system, he administers treatment in just minutes. Even when both eyes undergo Custom LASIK, most patients are ready to go home within the hour. However, even though Custom LASIK entails much of the same procedural steps as traditional LASIK, they are sure to recognize the added benefits of its wavefront technology.

Why Patients Want It
Wavefront technology allows eye surgeons to address multiple vision issues during a single surgical treatment. This means better eyesight for patients with less time and cost toward multiple care services. This LASIK aid can also reduce the occurrence of LASIK side effects that happen on occasion. Some patients cite minimal halo or glare complications after LASIK; Custom LASIK can lower the likelihood of these issues.

Are you ready to enjoy clear vision without needing to continually wear your glasses or contact lenses? Then call Ellis Eye & Laser Medical Center at (800) 733-7427 to speak with an associate about our LASIK surgical services. For our patients’ convenience, we offer laser eye surgery options in the greater San Francisco, Walnut Creek, San Jose, El Cerrito, Corte Madera, and Roseville regions.

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Dr. Ellis Has Improved My Vision Radically and Completely

Dr. Ellis has improved my vision radically and completely. My glasses would bother me so much that they were actually beginning to damage my nose. Another reason why I'm so happy is that I don't have to struggle with two pairs of glasses while watching a 3D movie. It has been a phenomenal  experience for me.

Reviewed on Ellis Eye LASIK Testimonials at 10/1/13

Reviewed by Lisbeth A. of San Jose CA

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