The 4 Things College Grads Really Want

If you have a child graduating from college, it’s tough to figure out what to get them. Gift giving is almost always tough and it’s especially tough when it’s for such an important milestone. It’s important to keep in mind that grads are in a unique and sometimes scary position when they graduate. Many of… Read More

LASIK vs. Contact Lenses

Wear contacts but you’re sick and tired of the upkeep associated with them? Maybe it’s time to think about LASIK! LASIK is a great option if you’re looking to finally ditch your contacts to see clearly! Keep reading to learn more about the differences between LASIK and contacts! Are Contacts Safer Than Undergoing LASIK? Although… Read More

7 Facts Nobody Told You About LASIK

Almost everyone has heard of LASIK. Most may know someone who’s had LASIK or at least know someone who knows someone. Despite this, there’s a lot of misinformation surrounding LASIK. Many people are afraid to have LASIK because of false facts. The truth is, LASIK isn’t scary at all. For almost all LASIK patients, it’s… Read More

Do You Believe These LASIK Myths?

LASIK surgery has proven itself as a safe and reliable procedure for patients. If you’re looking for freedom from glasses or contacts, LASIK may be the answer! Before booking your LASIK consultation, check out these LASIK myths. Let’s separate fact from fiction, once and for all! LASIK Myth #1: We have no idea if LASIK… Read More

Will LASIK Change My Life?

LASIK is a powerful surgery that can free you from glasses and contacts forever. Millions of people around the world think that’s pretty life changing! LASIK has a 96% success rate with patients, which is unheard of. That means if you go through with LASIK, odds are you will be living free from glasses for… Read More

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