Is The Weather Making My Eyes Dry?

Your eyes are highly complex organs and are thus very sensitive. They require constant hydration and lubrication to stay healthy and free from infection. Dry eye syndrome causes you to experience annoying, sometimes painful, symptoms. And it can also lead to more severe problems later.  Dry eye gets triggered by many different sources, sometimes from… Read More

4 Reasons to Visit Your Eye Doctor This Fall

Do you think you’re a healthy individual who takes care of every part of your body? Eye health is a vital aspect of overall health that often gets overlooked. This may have to do with the fact that many eye conditions work slowly. Often they gradually cause you to lose visual acuity. Many of these… Read More

What Cosmetic Procedure Is Right For Me?

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What Can I Expect at My LASIK Consultation?

Are you looking for a way to get rid of your glasses or contacts forever? Correcting your vision with LASIK may be what you’re looking for. Researching LASIK on your own is a significant first step to learn more about this life-changing procedure! It’s the most popular refractive procedure for good reason. The procedure is… Read More

What Causes Pterygium?

Sunlight is essential to staying healthy, but it can also create some strange issues. It is notorious for causing awful conditions like skin cancer, and it can also damage your eyes. Excessive exposure to sunlight can create a variety of vision problems. Some of these include retinal damage, early cataract development, and even sunburnt corneas…. Read More