How To Care For Your Eyes After Cataract Surgery

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Cataract surgery is a very common procedure used to treat cataracts. The surgery is non-invasive and simple. If you’ve lived with cataracts impeding your vision, cataract surgery can allow you to see again.

While recovering, it’s important to care for your eyes. Complications with cataract surgery are rare. Avoid complications with proper care, and you’ll recover faster. Keep reading to learn some crucial tips for caring for your eyes after cataract surgery!

Use Your Eye Shield

When you’re sent home after the procedure, you will have an eye shield taped over your eye. This can be removed after a few hours depending on your doctor’s orders. It should be used when sleeping for the first several days after surgery.

This will ensure your eye doesn’t rub up against anything in your sleep. After cataract surgery, your eye will be more vulnerable to infection and complications.

Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses should always be part of your eye protection routine. This is even more important after having cataract surgery. While recovering, your eyes are more prone to UV damage.

After cataract surgery, UV rays can cause pain and irritation to your eyes. Keeping the sun out of your eyes will help ensure they continue healing.

Rest Your Eyes and Body

After surgery, you will be asked to avoid strenuous activity for a few weeks. This will ensure you don’t do anything that will cause you to fall or bump into something and injure your eye.

You should also rest your eyes. Don’t strain yourself reading after surgery. For the first few days after cataract surgery, limit your screen time. Avoiding eye strain will keep you from unnecessary pain and help you heal faster.

Keep Irritants Out of Your Eyes

Besides using your eye shield at night, you should avoid getting anything in your eyes during the day. This includes dust, grime, and even water.

You shouldn’t swim for a week after surgery, and be careful while showering. It’s important that you avoid getting any running water in your eyes.

Water can actually carry bacteria and cause an infection. Although you should never rub your eyes, it’s especially important not to after cataract surgery! Rubbing your eyes may get more irritants deeper into your eye and cause infection. If your eyes feel itchy, use your eye drops to soothe them.

Use Eye Drops

After surgery, your doctor will prescribe you antibiotic eye drops or anti-inflammatory eye drops. These keep your eyes from becoming infected or inflamed. It’s very important you use the drops exactly as your doctor tells you to.

Missing doses should be avoided as much as possible! Even if your eyes don’t feel irritated, the drops should be taken to avoid infection. These are often taken as a preventative measure for the health of your eyes.

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