4 Tips For Affording LASIK This Holiday Season

Finding presents for your friends and family for the holidays can be stressful. But what about getting something for yourself? The holidays can be a good time to get LASIK surgery, or at least start thinking about where and when you want to have it. But LASIK can be pricey, at least up-front. Never fear!… Read More

What Can I Do To Be A Good LASIK Candidate?

A lot of people who have to rely on glasses or contacts to see have considered getting LASIK. But some may be worried that they don’t qualify. The good news is that most people who get screened for LASIK end up being good candidates for LASIK— over 80%. But can you control any of the… Read More

How Do Contact Lenses Impact the Environment?

If you wear contacts, you may not be thinking about how they affect the environment. After all, contacts are made of plastic, but they’re small. Maybe you even recycle the containers they come in and your used bottles of contact solution. How much of an impact can those tiny lenses have? Unfortunately, contact lenses can… Read More

Why LASIK Could Help During A Zombie Apocalypse

How would you fare in a zombie apocalypse scenario? It may seem like a silly thing to imagine, but let’s be honest: most of us have thought about it at least once. Most of us would also like to think we’d be amongst the survivors. Few people like to think they’d end up as one… Read More

4 Things You Should Know Before Getting LASIK

LASIK is more popular than ever. It isn’t surprising considering the success rate of LASIK surgery. Advanced technology has made LASIK even more effective and safe than it’s been in the past. So many different places all over the country now offer LASIK, making it much more accessible, too. If you’re considering LASIK, great! LASIK… Read More