6 Things You Should Avoid After LASIK

Getting LASIK surgery can be an amazing experience. After you’ve had the surgery, you can usually see the results right away.

It’s exciting, especially once the initial post-surgical discomfort fades away. But take caution by caring for your eyes while they are healing.

Yes, LASIK is safe but if you want to not have to worry about complications, there are things to avoid. Keep reading to find out 6 things you should avoid after LASIK!


Doctors recommend patients don’t wear makeup for about four weeks after surgery. from anywhere between 24 hours and a month after surgery.

This is especially true if you’re wearing eye makeup! Avoiding eye makeup is a big deal because having makeup near your eyes can lead to infection.

Makeup, in particular eye makeup, is a breeding ground for bacteria. Avoiding mascara and eye shadow sounds harder than it actually is, we promise!

Getting Running Water In Your Eyes

You should keep anything and everything out of your eyes. This seems obvious, but that doesn’t only include dust and other contaminants.

You should keep even clean water out of your eyes. This means that in the shower you need to keep the water aimed away from your face. Like eye makeup, water can be a place where bacteria forms.

Pools and Hot Tubs

Even if you plan on keeping your head above water, you should not go into a pool or hot tub for at least a week after surgery. Chlorine is harmful to your eyes, so when you’re healing it’s especially dangerous.

Don’t even risk getting anywhere near it for a while. Chlorine can make your recovering eyes burn and feel uncomfortable.

Contact Sports

After the first week, you can play non-contact sports if you wear protective eye wear. But you should refrain from contact sports for a full month.

The risk of injury to your eyes while they’re still vulnerable is high when you’re getting tackled. The flap that’s created during LASIK is delicate, and getting hit in the face or head could cause damage to it.


Most people know how harmful ultraviolet rays are to our skin and eyes. But they’re especially harmful while your eyes are healing from surgery.

Be sure to wear sunglasses when you go out in the sun, and make sure you have a good pair. When you buy sunglasses, look out for the sticker that says “blocks out 100% of UV rays.”

Rubbing Your Eyes

It’s a good rule of thumb to never rub your eyes if they feel itchy, but it is vital after you have surgery. Right after LASIK, it’s likely you’ll feel some discomfort. It may even feel like there’s grit or something in your eye.

Do yourself a favor: don’t rub your eyes! Stick with prescribed eye drops and preservative -free artificial tears to ease irritation.

Rubbing your eyes will only make the irritation worse. It’s also highly likely it could lead to an infection or complication.

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