4 Reasons People Are Afraid To Have LASIK

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Almost everyone has heard of LASIK. For many people who can’t see without glasses or contacts, LASIK seems like the answer. Did you know that 96% of LASIK patients report satisfaction with their results?

And yet many more people who would be good candidates for LAISK are afraid of undergoing it. One reason for this is misinformation. LASIK sounds a lot scarier than it really is!

Here are some of the main reasons people are afraid of getting LASIK and why they isn’t anything to fear.

They’re Afraid of the Cost

LASIK surgery isn’t cheap, and it’s not covered by standard health insurance. But it isn’t wildly expensive, especially in comparison to what the surgery can do for you.

In fact, LASIK is likely to pay for itself within twenty years. Think about how much money you’ll save when you no longer have to buy glasses or contacts.

Worried about upfront costs? Many practices offer payment plans, as do financing companies. A good payment plan may mean only paying $60 a month for a year or two. Well worth the price for perfect vision!

They’re Afraid of Being Awake During Surgery

Although you’re awake during LASIK, you won’t feel a thing! There’s no pain because you’ll receive anesthetic eye drops that numb the surface of the eye.

These numbing eye drops ensure that the patient can’t feel any pain from the laser. If you find that you’re anxious before surgery, many doctors will also offer a mild sedative. This helps make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

They’re Afraid of Going Blind

No one has ever gone blind from LASIK. LASIK reshapes your cornea using an excimer laser. Your cornea is the very front part of your eye, and changing its shape changes how light refracts through it.

But the centers in your eye actually in charge of seeing– the retina and optic nerve– are in the very back of your eye. The laser won’t get anywhere near these vital parts.

Since the laser doesn’t go near the retina or optic nerve, it’s impossible to go blind from LASIK.

They’re Afraid of the Recovery Period

Full recovery from LASIK takes about six months. But this is only the amount of time it takes for the corneal flap to heal completely.

The actual discomfort from surgery only lasts a few hours or a couple days at most. To have the best recovery, avoid swimming, makeup, and contact sports for the first few weeks.

Most patients can get right back to work after only a day or two after surgery. You’ll notice better vision almost immediately! After the first month, you won’t even remember what life was like before LASIK.

Thinking LASIK isn’t so scary after all? Wondering if it’s right for you? Contact Ellis Eye in Gilroy, CA to schedule your LASIK consultation today! You deserve to see the world around you with crystal clear precision, don’t you?


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