7 Facts Nobody Told You About LASIK

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Almost everyone has heard of LASIK. Most may know someone who’s had LASIK or at least know someone who knows someone.

Despite this, there’s a lot of misinformation surrounding LASIK. Many people are afraid to have LASIK because of false facts. The truth is, LASIK isn’t scary at all.

For almost all LASIK patients, it’s a life-changing procedure providing visual freedom.

So forget whatever you’ve heard about LASIK— here are the real facts.

LASIK Has Been Around for Over 25 Years

Some think of LASIK as some kind of new, experimental procedure. But it’s been FDA approved since the nineties. Even the first LASIK patients are still satisfied with their surgery results.

Most Healthy People Over 18 Qualify for LASIK

While some people don’t qualify for LASIK because of certain factors, most people do! These factors may be that their prescription is too strong or their corneas are too thin.

About 80% of patients who get evaluated for LASIK are good candidates. If you have a stable prescription and are healthy and at least 18, it’s likely you’re a good candidate.

LASIK Can Correct Farsightedness and Astigmatism

It’s a myth that LASIK is only effective to treat nearsightedness. LASIK can also treat farsightedness and astigmatism.

The surgery tends to be easiest for mild nearsightedness. If your prescription isn’t too strong, it’s usually effective.

The Surgery Only Takes a Few Minutes

LASIK surgery is fast. It takes about five minutes per eye at most. The majority of the time spent in the surgery center is in prep and recovery.

LASIK Isn’t Painful!

We swear, there is no pain during LASIK! Before the procedure, you’ll receive numbing eye drops.

These drops numb the entire surface of your eye when you blink. They last during the full procedure and wear off a few hours after.

No One Has Ever Gone Blind from LASIK

It’s impossible to go blind from LASIK. This is because the surgery reshapes the cornea and changes how light refracts.

During LASIK, your retina and optic nerve are never touched. These are the parts of your eye that see and send nerve impulses to the brain, which are then seen as images. The surgery is only on the very front part of the eye, making it safe and low-risk.

You Can’t Smell Your Eye Tissue “Burning” During Surgery

Some patients say that they smelled their eye “burning” from the laser during surgery. What they actually smelled was a chemical reaction occurring with the corneal cells.

The chemical reaction is harmless! The laser used for LASIK is a cold laser and cannot burn your eye.

Some surgeons remove the cells that cause this chemical reaction with a vacuum. This gets rid of the smell altogether for the patient’s peace of mind.

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