LASIK vs. Contact Lenses

Lady using contact lenses

Wear contacts but you’re sick and tired of the upkeep associated with them? Maybe it’s time to think about LASIK!

LASIK is a great option if you’re looking to finally ditch your contacts to see clearly! Keep reading to learn more about the differences between LASIK and contacts!

Are Contacts Safer Than Undergoing LASIK?

Although you would assume that contacts are safer than LASIK, that’s not really true. With contacts, you have to put a foreign object into your eye.

You also have to put in this lens without somehow jabbing or poking yourself in the eye. Contacts also aren’t exactly the best thing to wear when doing activities.

You definitely shouldn’t wear them while swimming, or if you have an eye injury. Wearing contacts in the wrong situation can lead to bad news for your eyes.

When it comes to LASIK, it’s a one-time procedure. You don’t have to put a lens in your eye every time you want to see, because you can see already.

LASIK is also safer because it’s performed by a qualified LASIK surgeon. LASIK is a permanent procedure that’s helped millions of people worldwide see clearly!

Getting LASIK means you can see in any situation. Want to cannonball into the pool? Go for it (after a short recovery time, of course!)

Want to roll out of bed in the middle of the night for a midnight snack? You can do it without looking for glasses when you get LASIK!

What’s more expensive: LASIK or contacts?

Again, the answer here may surprise you. People assume that the cost of LASIK must be a lot more than contacts. Not exactly the case here.

Consider how much you spend on contact lenses monthly. Buying boxes for each eye isn’t cheap, especially when it’s an on-going cost. With LASIK, you’re looking at a one time fee that you can finance into monthly payments.

A few years after getting LASIK, it even starts paying for itself! Since LASIK is a permanent procedure, it’s an investment! What would you do with a little extra money in your pockets every year?

Can I get LASIK if I’m under 18?

In this case, you can’t get LASIK if you’re under the age of 18. You’ll need to continue wearing contact lenses instead. LASIK is only FDA approved for patients who are at least 18 years of age or older.

We understand the desire to say goodbye to contacts, but if you’re too young, it’s not happening! Why can’t I get LASIK, you may ask.

You can’t get LASIK before the age of 18 because your eyes are still changing. Thank puberty for this one.

Like the rest of your body, your eyes are still maturing and changing as a teenager. That means that undergoing a procedure like LASIK is a waste of time and money if you’re too young.

There’s no reason to get LASIK if your eyes are only going to continue to change and adapt. The best time to get LASIK is usually in your mid-twenties. This gives your eyes enough time to stabilize and stop changing.

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