Why LASIK Could Help During A Zombie Apocalypse


How would you fare in a zombie apocalypse scenario? It may seem like a silly thing to imagine, but let’s be honest: most of us have thought about it at least once.

Most of us would also like to think we’d be amongst the survivors. Few people like to think they’d end up as one of the zombies.

If you rely on glasses or contacts, you’re more likely to end up added to the hordes of undead. Keep reading to learn why LASIK could help during a zombie apocalypse!

Glasses Won’t Last in an Apocalypse Scenario

Imagine you break or lose your glasses while you’re on the run from some zombies. Maybe you holed up somewhere to protect yourself from the hordes.

Good luck finding anyone who can get you a new pair of glasses. Best case scenario, you raid an abandoned mall and find some intact glasses at a store.

But what are the odds you can find a pair even close to your prescription? Even if you can repair your glasses with duct tape or glue, it’s only a matter of time until the lenses shatter and you can’t see. What happens then?

Now imagine you’re running from some zombies and you trip and fall. When you fall, your glasses go tumbling.

Do you take the extra moment to feel around for them and pick them up? Or do you leave them and run, knowing you won’t be able to see again, maybe for the rest of your life?

You’re doomed either way. Either you give the zombies time to catch up to you or you end up unable to see. Being unable to see lowers your odds of surviving in a zombie apocalypse.

Contacts Aren’t Reliable

If you think contact lenses might save you when glasses fail, think again. Relying on contacts won’t work.

Imagine you’re sleeping, only to be awoken by the groans of an oncoming horde of zombies. You spring up and grab your contacts. Now you’re wasting precious seconds trying to put them in your eyes.

You could be dead in that amount of time. Even if you can do it without using any solution or washing your hands, you’ll put yourself in more danger.

Touching your eyes with dirty hands and not using any solution is a guaranteed way to get an eye infection. And what if this is a zombie virus instead of a supernatural undead scenario?

Your dirty hands trying to change your contacts could turn you into a zombie!

LASIK Gives You An Edge

You could start out the zombie apocalypse with working glasses and contact lenses. But that’s not going to last. At some point, your glasses will break or give out and you will run out of contacts.

Your contact solution will expire. All the contact solution in the world will expire eventually. Then you’re left in a zombie apocalypse without an important asset: your vision.

So how do you survive? Get LASIK now! It’ll be too late when doomsday actually arrives. Getting LASIK now means you have the edge you need to survive in a zombie apocalypse.

You can say goodbye to relying on contacts and glasses, which is crucial in a life or death situation. You don’t know when you’ll need the seconds you spend fumbling for your glasses or putting in contacts.

Even if we don’t end up losing the world to legions of zombies, LASIK can still improve your life right now!

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