Are You Spending Too Much On Contact Lenses?

putting in contact lenses

You love being able to wear your contacts and the freedom they give you from the hassles of glasses. But have you noticed that you spend a lot more on contact lenses than you ever did when you only wore glasses?

Contact lenses do cost more than glasses. You have to buy the cleaning solution and lens cases, plus the lenses themselves. Disposable contact lenses cost you even more.

On top of all that, as someone who suffers from refractive errors, you have frequent eye exams. These appointments are necessary to ensure you are wearing the correct lenses and that your vision hasn’t changed. But they are another expense you must cover.

Keep reading to see if you can save money on your eye care costs.

Even More Extra Expenses

Your contact lenses may be costing you even more money if you wear special ones that:

  • Help if you suffer from dry eyes
  • Provide more oxygen to your eye 
  • Allow you to sleep with them in
  • Are daily disposable contacts

Another Option To Consider

There are options to consider if you would like to end your need for contacts or glasses. LASIK is a permanent vision correction procedure that can correct common refractive errors.

During LASIK, the surgeon will reshape the surface of your cornea using a special laser. This will allow you to see more clearly and could end your need for glasses and contacts entirely.

LASIK may seem like a considerable investment, but it can more than pay for itself in eye care savings over time. 

LASIK Can Reduce Your Allergy Symptoms

When you suffer from seasonal allergies, your eyes can get irritated and inflamed. Eye irritation can make it uncomfortable if not impossible to put in your contacts.

Allergens on your fingers can get stuck on your lenses when you put them in. Your contacts will then hold those allergens against your eyes all day long.

Also, during allergy season, allergens in the air can land on your eyeballs or lenses. When you put your contacts in, they are stuck there until you take your contacts out again.

LASIK can end your reliance on contacts and your risk of getting irritants stuck in your eyes.

LASIK Can Improve Your Quality of Life

You may also get headaches from eye strain. Headaches can occur when you need a new prescription but don’t know it. After LASIK, you may not need a prescription at all.

The freedom that your contact lenses give you gets taken away when they irritate your eyes. When you have to take them out, you’re forced back into wearing your glasses. 

Unlike contacts, LASIK can free you from glasses for good! You’ll be able to see clearly without visual aids after LASIK.

A Great Investment In Yourself

When you chose to get contacts, you likely wanted to reduce your dependence on glasses. Not wearing glasses all the time probably made you feel freer and boosted your self-esteem.

Having LASIK can do that, too, except it’s permanent. Not getting LASIK is costing you a lot. How much money, time, and discomfort are contacts and glasses costing you?

Feel more free and confident, enhance your eyesight, and cut your eyecare costs and hassles with LASIK. Schedule an appointment at Ellis Eye and Laser in San Jose, CA, to discuss LASIK with your eye doctor today!