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5 stars 5
It has been a great experience. The whole process went fast and no pain at all. I am really grateful with the staff. I highly recommend Dr.Ellis.A sido una muy buena experiencia. Todo el proceso fue rapido.estoy muy agradesida con todo el personal. Yo les recomiendo al Dr. Ellis.
5 stars 5
Took my girlfriend here to get her LASIK done. The staff was amazing and so helpful. Bill is the best and I would recommend anybody who wants to get this procedure done to give them a visit. We were both very nervous but they made us feel safe and comfortable and to be honest we were very surprised how fast the procedure really was. They deserve 10 stars!!!! Thank you Bill and to your staff you guys are amazing and she can see so much better now. Her life is changed.
5 stars 5
So a few months back I decided I wanted to get my eyes fixed. I'm 49 and was legally blind, but with glasses I could see well enough to drive. I have worn glasses since I was eleven years old. I wore contacts (soft lens) for about fifteen years but got to the point where they irritated my eyes so bad I could no longer wear them. I shopped around for a while. I figure if someone is going to be cutting and burning my eyeballs the sob better be good at it. I decided to go with Ellis Eye Centers here in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has a long history with good results and very few negative ones. So I made the appointment. The office wasn't as flashy as a few of the ones I went to prior. But the machine was the newest model and the staff were all great.<br><br>Well Monday (April 11/16) I went in for my procedure. It was all pretty relaxed in general. They get me all prepped, I lay down on the table, knowing what to expect from the description I had received from Mr Paul Singh the optometrist. I am told that the laser will run for a set amount of seconds on my right eye and slightly less on my left. It was kind of freaky seeing the clamp/speculum(?) placed on my right eye (they did the right first) and then the doc (Dr Ellis) marks my lens before the blade cuts almost a complete circle. Then the pretty flashing light I'm supposed to focus on gets all blurry like looking through a water drop. A few seconds after they make the cut I hear a vacuum start up. At this point I know it's to pull the smoke away because they explained it to me. It helps but I have to tell you, the smell is amazing. Burnt flesh stinks. Burnt eyeball makes that smell like roses in comparison. They finish up the right and start the left. All in all it took maybe fifteen minutes in the OR. Then I'm brought back outside to the waiting room to wait for my ride home (My oh so wonderful Sister in law did it for me) they had mentioned taking a pain pill right away but stubborn and stupid me neglected to do so. <br><br>After the anesthetic wore off of my eyes I realised that not doing so was one of the most pain inducing incredibly stupid decisions I had ever made. By the time I realised it. I had taken the pill and had to wait the 20-30 minutes for it to kick in. I have been through some pretty serious injuries. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING has ever come Close to this. It felt like someone had driven a burning welding rod covered in sand into my eyes. Think about that. EXCRUCIATING Pain.<br><br>About five minutes after my sis picked me up the pain Meds started taking effect for the forty minute ride home. I felt almost human by the time she dropped me off.<br><br>I followed the docs orders and immediately took a sleeping pill when I got home and crawled into bed (I took another pain pill and a Valium as well.) well, upon waking this morning I had a mild headache and my eyes felt a bit itchy. Had mucus buildup on the eyelids enough that I used a warm wet rag on em for a couple minutes to soften and remove the gunk. Then I sat up in bed and for the first time in thirty eight years I watched the sun rise without having to put glasses on to see it.<br><br>I'm told my eyes will continue to improve for ten to fourteen days. But to be honest. If they never got any better than they are now I will still be satisfied. My only regret is having waited so damned long.<br><br>But the one piece of advice I will give you. Take that damned pain pill the moment you get out of the OR. I wouldn't wish that pain on anybody.
5 stars 5
To Dr Ellis and his entire staff , Thank you so much for this Life Changing gift of restored vision. I have to admit at first , I was a little apprehensive about undergoing the surgery which only lasted for roughly 2 1/2 mins, but you guys were extremely patience , caring, concern all the way through. You were not abrasive or pushy in any way, and that does not go unacknowledged. I have not seen this well since I was 18 years old, and now with incredible sight at age 32. Who would have thought the very next day after my surgery that I would have my sight back. And I'm actually on track to possibly seeing 20/15 vision. <br>To Dr James , thank you for the one on one encouragement talk, I really appreciate that. Very genuine person. And to the rest of staff , thank you again for every thing. <br><br>Desmonne Hagler,
5 stars 5
I took an Epi-LASIK on Dec 14, 2015, about 3 weeks ago. <br>I have a wonderful experience with Dr. Ellis and his fellows. I hope my experience would help you. <br><br>The free consultation was on Dec 5 at the San Jose centre; it was Saturday, so the office was a little bit crowded. There was about 5 patients waiting for the first check after surgery. I talked to them about how they feel and why they chosed this centre. I highly recommend you to do this too, so you can get more information than what you can read from websites or commercials - and it can't be fake. (I know I am cunning.) After 45 minutes of waiting, I received a 25 minute eye check and about 15 minute consolation. <br><br>Because the corneas shape of my right eye is kind of irregular, Epi-LASIK would be my first choice. FYI, both LASIK and Epi-LASIK are proven to be effective methods for vision correction. Based on the number released by Laser Eye Center of Silicon Valley, ~70% of their patients received LASIK, ~30% received Epi-LASIK. However, the initial recovery of Epi-LASIK would be slower, and it would be more expensive. The good news is Epi-LASIK does not require corneas flap, and US Marines/US Army are more preferred to Epi-LASIK. Please do some research before your consolation; so you can make the right choice. <br><br>In the consolation, Marleny explained how the operation works and what you should expect. She is so full of energy, and she is the happiest medical worker I have ever met. They helped me to deal with the financing. In my case, I don't even required for a down payment, and my first pay is supposed to be Jan 14 (still waiting for my bill).<br><br>My operation was scheduled on Dec 14 at the El Cerrito center. I wanted to have it at the San Jose center, but my time schedule is just too tight and too crazy. The fellow there are also very sweet. They will check you once again, explain everything once again, tell you how to use the medicine/eye-drops once again (This whole process would take about 2 hours). Then, they will let you take some pain killers and sleeping pills, and wait for about half an hour. The operation time was quite short (FYI, 10 years ago, the laser would take about 3-5 minutes for one eye, and now 10-20 seconds). The biggest challenge is to 'keep calm, don't move and open both of your eyes'. They will put a zero contact lens on your eyes after surgery, like a bandage, to protect the wound, but still you will feel hurt. <br><br>After I got home, I ate and directly sleep for over 14 hours. After I got up and showered, I went to the San Jose center for the first check. Things goes well, my eye does not hurt. I ate and sleep a lot for 5 more days. Since the corneas started to heal, I saw the world differently every day, with blur and halo. In this 5 days, I did quite a lot of things, visiting friends, having dinner parties, tried something I never try like bake and decorate a cake. I did not drive, stayed away from lap tops or TV, did not text, avoid high temperature cooking. <br><br>On that Friday, I went back to the San Jose center for a second check. Based on my situation, they took away the contact lens of my left eye, and replace a 20-day zero contact lens on my right eye. FYI, if your wound heals well (like my left eye at that time), the initial feeling goes away in 10 minute; if it does (like my right eye), it could be really teary and painful. So my advice is after the check stay at the clinic for a while. If the pain does not go away or become worse, just feel free to ask for help.<br><br>The third check was on Jan 6, 2016. I have to say my eye recovered quite well, even I party hard during the X'mas and new year period out of California. My left eye was estimated about 85% healed with a tiny little bit inflammation, and the right one was about 20/40 (I could only see the first line at the second check, and now I jumped 8 lines to 20/40). I am required to use another bottle of #4 drops for 10 more day just in case. <br><br>Generally, I could drive and code and back to office now. Sometime, I would easily feel tired when I kept working in front of a screen (I used to continuously work over 10 hour per day at young 20; I knew I am crazy). I was advised to use the artificial tears and take a coffee break 🙂 <br><br>For me, this surgery not only made a physical, but also spiritual and philosophical changes on me. During the healing process, you will feel yourself living in a wonderland. Traffic lights with halo are so beautiful, the Christmas lights and dews on leaves blink in a way you never see; and you will always be the first one realize snowing, because the snowflakes glow under any lights. Also the distance feel differently, you will 'learn' how to drive once again. More important, it tells that your body is under your control, you are able to fix any flaw of your body.<br><br>If you are thinking about eye surgery, I encourage you to take it, and I highly recommend Dr. Ellis. I will try to keep update after the fourth check on Feb 3. Good luck!