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5 stars 5
Hey everyone! I'm excited to share the incredible journey I recently embarked on the transformative experience of undergoing the SMILE procedure for eye correction at IQ Laser Vision. From start to finish, it was nothing short of extraordinary.The decision to opt for the SMILE procedure was a game-changer for me. The cutting-edge technology involved in this minimally invasive surgery provided a sense of confidence in the entire process. I chose to have my procedure done at the advanced facility in the City of Industry, where state-of-the-art equipment and skilled professionals came together to ensure the success of my surgery.Immediately after the procedure, the results were astonishing. I was already seeing at 90% of 20/20 vision, and as my eyes continued to recover, the journey towards perfect vision unfolded.What truly set this experience apart was the top-notch staff and facility. The professionals were not only highly skilled but also incredibly welcoming. Every question I had was met with patience, making me feel comfortable and cared for throughout the entire process.I can't emphasize enough how life-changing this procedure has been for me. The freedom from the shackles of contact lenses and glasses is liberating. Waking up with clear vision, without the need for external aids, has added a new dimension to my daily life.Thank you IQ Laser Vision!

5 stars 5
(Translated by Google) I had ICL surgery on January 3rd, and Im recovering well. I originally planned to have lasik, as my astigmatism is relatively high, but later Dr. Lin recommended me to have ICL. Although the price is higher than lasik, this kind of additional surgery, if It is highly recommended if your wallet allows it. You can open your eyes the next day after the operation and the recovery is very fast. After wearing glasses for more than 20 years, I successfully took them off, and it doesnt feel too good!IQ Laser vision provides free eye examinations. Friends who are planning to have myopia surgery can come for consultation. The service and technology are excellent and highly recommended!(Original)13ICLlasikICLlasikIQ Laser vision

5 stars 5
My colleague had referred me to Dr. Scott Hyver previously, highly recommending him and his team, and I had my Lasik procedure done last March 2023. Overall, I had the best and most successful experience... from consultation, to pre-op, to live-op, to post-op.My consultation appointment was VERY thorough, we spent about an hour assessing my vision and I was a great candidate for Lasik. I had additional questions all the way leading up to my pre-op appointment and they were very prompt to answer. On the day of my operation, everything went SO smoothly and it was quick! All done within 25 mins. I would say I was in and out in under an hour, and they gave me CLEAR directions on aftercare.They continued to follow up with me 30 days and 60 days after. It's amazing how my vision kept getting better and better each time. Almost 1 year in, I got a regular eye exam, and my eye doctor was extremely impressed with how sharp my vision has been since Lasik.Overall, highly recommend 10/10. Nicest team and best doctor in the Bay Area.

5 stars 5
(Translated by Google) Excellent service(Original)Excelente servicio

5 stars 5
I got my smile done at this facility and couldn't be any happier with the decision I made!! Everything went real smooth from my 1st appointment till my surgery day. I would recommend them to anyone that's looking into getting the smile done. And will continue to send them people to make a life time change that you wouldn't regret. Thank you to the whole staff at laser IQ it was the best decision I have ever made! Happy Holidays