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5 stars 5
Incredible and superb service from start to finish. I highly recommend IQ Laser for LASIK. They provided excellent consultation, surgery, and follow up. My vision is excellent!

5 stars 5
I got the SMILE procedure and it was definitely worth it. Less invasive and faster recovery. I only wish I did it sooner! I'm especially looking forward to traveling without having to worry about packing contact solution under 3 oz in my carry-on, wondering if I'll have enough for a 2-week trip, back-up contacts, and a pair of glasses, and falling asleep on planes/trains drying out my contacts. These worries are a thing of the past!

5 stars 5
Excellent customer service.

5 stars 5
Great experience! The entire staff is so helpful and makes the process easy for the patient. Thank you

5 stars 5
Im very happy with my experience getting EVO ICL. Everyone was very professional, answered any questions I had. My eyes feel fully healed in about a week, with no irritation or dry eyes. Im very satisfied.