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5 stars 5
IQ Laser Vision and the team were all great for my consultation, for pre-op, on surgery day and during surgery, and for my first post-op follow-up (SMILE surgery on 7/15 so two days out at the time of this review); this goes for both the San Marino location and the Rowland Heights location as my consultation and follow up were at San Marino, but the surgery at Rowland Heights.Dr. Nguyen (Dr. Grace) (consultation, follow-up), Victoria (laser eye surgery type differences, financing) and Dr. Liu (surgeon) were all very informative, patient-focused and just great people! They answered any questions I had and helped me as much as they could without question or issue. Everyone was great though so apologies to any front desk or technicians whose name I didnt catch!I definitely recommend IQ Laser Vision to anyone curious about or considering laser eye surgery. Everything was smooth, early results have been amazing and I have no complaints.

5 stars 5
Its been 5 days since my Smile Lasik procedure with IQ and Im super happy and excited about my results! The staff and surgeon were all very friendly and helpful. Made me feel relaxed and informed about every step along the way. Even during the surgery, I got a little nervous but the doctor calmed me down and I was grateful for the stress ball they gave me to squeeze on during that brief moment of nervousness. But the procedure was quick and painless really. So worth being able to see almost perfectly even within a day or two - doc says Im at 80% seeing potential and will reach full sharpness and clarity within 2-3 months, but I am already amazed at life without needing glasses. Thanks everyone!!

5 stars 5
Enjoyed the experience

5 stars 5
10/10 highly recommended Lasik/Smile! Ive wore glasses since grade school and with the active lifestyle I have I knew one day I was going to get the procedure done. Everyone at IQ Laser was very friendly and welcoming. They answered all the questions I had and was very patient with me. Next day I my vision was 20/25 and hopefully itll be 20/20 or better as time passes! You definitely wont regret getting it done.

5 stars 5
Quite literally the most sublime experience I've had at a clinic of any variety. Long story short, a bunch of people I know went here throughout the years without me knowing about it and all received world class laser eye surgery. I lost my glasses in Europe and was like you know what I need new eyes. Got recommended by a friend. I was treated like a VIP (Amber and Dr. Tran were absolute gems). Dr. Phan happens to know my dad too which was cool.Got the S.M.I.L.E. procedure done. Was a really quick and painless operation. A few days later I'm starting to see with my new eyes clearer than I would've seen with my glasses from before. Mind you, results may vary but for me, the whole process was simply perfection packaged in great customer service and hyper skilled eye doctors.