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5 stars 5
I honestly wish I got this surgery done with IQ a long time ago. My eyes are -4.25/-4.50. After the SMILE surgery, my eyes are now 20/15. IQ made the process super easy and gave me exceptional results. They have several locations and I did some research on the reviews for their other locations before reaching out (good reviews at all their locs). From the consultation to the post op check in, everyone was helpful and caring. The great part about going to IQ is their financing option where youll have a couple of years to make interest free payments!The procedure itself took about 15 mins and the healing process was about a day for me. I was able to see pretty clearly after a day but gave myself another day of rest just so my eyes could heal even better. If youre on the fence or just want more info, Id highly recommend reaching out to them for a consultation to see what works for you. Its pressure free and very informative.

5 stars 5
I am about to celebrate 20 years of LASIK performed by Doctor Phan, and I still have perfect vision, far and near. i have been thankful everyday, and sharing my appreciation for him and his team is long overdue. Thank you, Dr. Phan!
5 stars 5
I had the SMILE procedure done here in August by Dr. Hofmeister and I now have 20/15 vision. I would highly recommend to anyone on the fence to come in for the free consultation. Its been the best investment ive ever made and will be recommending to friends and family.

5 stars 5
I had such an amazing experience with IQ Laser Riverside! I had my surgery August 21st, 2021 and I had my post op August 23rd, 2021. The surgery itself was super quick. I was super comfortable and excited for my surgery and the process itself is painless and the surgeon talks to you the whole time. The entire staff was super friendly. I highly recommend coming here for your vision needs, it's life changing! The reason why I came here was because my prescription was so low I rarely reached for my glasses, I only used them at night mainly to drive so it's nice to be seeing more clear 2 days after surgery! Thank you IQ laser!

5 stars 5
Almost entirely positive, but I'll try to give a fair review:COST INCLUDES EVERYTHINGIf you received consultations from other places, like I did, not only will you notice other places cost more, but they seem to always have a random extra charge, whether it is the medication you need, follow up visits, etc. IQ's price included all visits, medication, supplies, surgery, etc. (I will say, IQ had a teaser price available that was not a laser removal of the flap. However, if you try to choose this option, they will basically tell you that the doctors are not comfortable doing that surgery and you need to get the $500 more expensive option. I've been told that they've since removed this offer and now only offer the fully laser option).SURGERY WAS FAST, EASY, and PAINLESSMy surgeon was great. (Downside, I met her 10 minutes before the surgery and never saw her before or after. In exchange for IQ's lower prices, you need to accept that you could literally see a different doctor every single time you go in, and your surgeon will only be a very limited part of the surgery. In a lot of ways, it is the 'assembly line' version of a LASIK center. But, I cannot complain about the surgery. Both the surgeon and the tech were great. The process is maybe 15 minutes in the OR and really just about 1 minute under the machine. I was a bit tense, but they were great.RECOVERY IS EASYYou'll experience some discomfort after the surgery, so they advise sleeping for 4+ hours afterward and provide a sleeping pill to aid with this. I slept afterward and when I woke up I could see perfectly. I'm told some people are only at 80% of their vision at this point and have some trouble at night, but I had no problems at all. Truly, the worst part of the entire process is all the eye drops I had to use. Plan to not be able to get water or direct sunlight in your eyes for a couple weeks after.SCHEDULINGFor me, I had a consultation with a follow up to make sure my eyes were not too dry. Then I had the surgery (about 5-6 weeks later) with two follow-ups after that. I will say that they called and changed appointments on me twice, had me visit two different offices, and were booked quite a bit out for the surgery. It wasn't perfect, but I had all of my appointments and they went well.STAFFAll staff was good, which is nice because if you read the employee reviews on Indeed, they do not seem to love management. Nevertheless, I was treated well by everyone from receptionist to techs to doctors to surgeons.SALES PROCESSIt is worth remembering that even though you are in a medical setting, there is still a sales process going on. They don't do free consultations for the fun of it. Just because someone is wearing a white lab coat doesn't mean they aren't trying to sell you and close you right then and there. As long as you realize that's what is happening, that is fine. Don't mistake medical advice for a sales pitch and vice versa.SUMMARYAll in a all, I'm very happy with the process. I think there are some small areas they could improve, but they put together a quality product and a significantly better price than competitors in the area. I would send family or friends to visit.